Free To Be Me

What’s the character trait you admire most about yourself?

People say I’m courageous. Yes, it’s cliché. Fine. Let’s say dauntless.

Do you really want to be those people who are completely unhappy with their lives? There are plenty of things that needs to be done to achieve your goal.

Four years ago I’ve done so much within a 2 year span that I felt myself be 5 years older.

  • I fell in love
  • I broke my heart
  • I fell in love again
  • I made love for the first time
  • I moved overseas
  • I lost 20lbs
  • I became an alcoholic
  • I tried smoking
  • I lived in a Basement.

The last part is a lie. Although I lived within. metal walls and never saw the sunlight. Why did I do all that, you ask?

I did it because I wanted to make money, and experience everything I can.

It felt as if I can handle everything the world would throw at me.

The downside?

Now I’m emotionally and mentally broken.

But, I will never ever have any problems with whatever life will throw at me.