tell me a STORY now!!

A re-imagination of what journalism can be

Too often the human element is missing in the flood of news we see everyday.

What’s needed in today’s world is a platform that gives everyone across the globe an opportunity to share what they care about.

When funded and launched, ‘tell me a STORY NOW’ will create a place to help us all share

stories about the risk-takers who inspire us
stories about our own families
the music that provides the soundtrack to our lives
the food that gives us joy

‘tell me a STORY NOW’ is an idea — that people from around the world can connect with each other across physical and cultural boundaries.

Currently, ‘tell me a STORY NOW’ is a beta site hosted here
Take a look and see some of what we hope to accomplish with your help!

‘tell me a STORY NOW’ has been developed by students and faculty at the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change.

Together the students are an international cohort of twelve students from 4 continents and 7 countries — Argentina, China, Jordan, Lebanon, India, Sudan and the United States—all mentored by 4 faculty members, from academe, journalism and technology.