The Voices of Persist

Watch the video below: Video Time 4:22


Maricarman: I get to know many interesting people here and I think it’s not people that that I will forget. I love just trying to understand how their perspectives are and try to open myself to new ways of understanding reality. No one can teach you that, you have to live it you have to listen and I love that.

Rawad: I think the biggest value about the seminar is the fact that it’s grouping all these people from all around the world from different cultures different communities different identities in one place and letting them have all these mutual debates in a sense where you can learn about the other person learn about their culture and understand how they think more.

Nicola: Being able to interact with people from Lebanon or Argentina or
Mexico and learning about what they know and I know I don’t know I always felt like super ignorant during like lunch when we were talking about so I was like well if that goes on in your country so I feel more like cultured after being
here I love it.

Hassan: You can have people from different cultures just meeting for the
first time and you know doing projects together that would be the biggest thing for me. The you know the engagement of the students and the group work and all of that I think that really is something that we need to explore.

Emilio: The whole purpose of this seminar I like the value that revolves around is just uniting the entire world I mean I got to see so many countries that I, I always had the curiosity of like knowing or just seeing them. I actually have a better perspective or a better point of view of like how to identify news and how to be more media literate and just by having that like you just take that and you just spread it around so that like we are the ones we can like stop fake news from spreading we are the ones who can like really reimagine journalism.

Maya: Just getting a group of like-minded people in the same space who are willing to listen to each other to talk about various different backgrounds and our perspective when it comes to news stories and I think that patience and
that time to really talk through things we don’t get a lot in the outside world
so I think that’s the benefit of the seminar that we can sit down and talk to
each other about it.

Neil: There is seems to be a sort of wide focus on journalism for everybody that’s here and there seems to be a concerted effort to figure out what that is across borders and across age groups and it’s great to see a group of people come together and try and solve a problem like this that seems insurmountable.

Ahmad: Meeting different people different scholars and the faculty members in Salzburg Global Seminar just gives you that amount of exposure to different journalistic knowledge, and it also geared me up for future projects with different people that I met here through the seminar and we already actually brainstorming without in coming up upcoming future projects.

Gabrielle: I think this program was very, very inspiring for me
in the way that I really enjoyed my time here and actually got a tattoo of the
day I came here the day I arrived and the day I’m leaving here as well. And this is the tattoo [points at tattoo].

Maricarmen: It’s amazing place. I love it here. It’s so peaceful and so engaging as a place. This environment helps a lot to open your mind.

Mai: Every night when I’m sitting out on the veranda by the dining hall with a
glass of wine just looking out at the sight and looking out at the mountains
in the lake with just like them the most interesting people. Every time I’ve been able to have that has just been so amazing.