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Community Newsletter #20 — May 2022

May was an eventful month for the Persistence team as we continued on our mission to build a vibrant liquid staking economy for the PoS community. pSTAKE has been the centerpiece of our ecosystem and efforts over the last few weeks, evidenced by several breakthrough developments and implementations when it came to stkASSETs and collaborations.

Step by step, we’re deploying the building blocks that bring us closer to creating a truly diverse liquid staking ecosystem of digital assets and products.

In this month’s edition of our newsletter, we cover all the major details and events of what we accomplished to lay the groundwork for more to come as we move further into 2022.

About Persistence

Persistence is a Tendermint-based, specialised Layer-1 network powering an ecosystem of DeFi applications focused on unlocking the liquidity of staked assets.

Persistence facilitates the issuance and deployment of liquid-staked stkASSETs, allowing users to earn staking rewards while participating in DeFi primitives, such as lending/borrowing and liquidity provisioning on DEXs.

Persistence aims to offer a seamless staking and DeFi experience for PoS (Proof-of-Stake) users and enable developers to build innovative applications around stkASSETs.

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