[Archives] Matic StakeDrop Tutorial Using Matic Web Wallet: How MATIC Holders Can Participate in Persistence’s StakeDrop

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2 min readJan 17, 2021


Persistence’s fourth StakeDrop campaign on Matic Network will launch on the 18th of January 2021, when Magic Transactions go live, with reward allocations beginning on the 20th.

MATIC holders can stake their tokens today and send the Magic Transaction from the 18th to earn XPRT rewards right from the start of the campaign.

The steps for participating in the Matic StakeDrop are similar to that of the previous StakeDrops but with some minor differences which we will discuss below.

This tutorial shows MATIC holders how to stake their MATIC tokens using the Staking Dashboard of the Matic Web Wallet and earn staking rewards. It will also walk you through sending the Magic Transaction to begin earning XPRT tokens, on top of their MATIC rewards, as part of Persistence’s StakeDrop.

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