Josh Bocanegra
Oct 1, 2016 · Unlisted

First off, do we think chatbots will replace apps?

We’ve talked to our friends about it and we think there’s potential to replace most apps as chatbots become more advanced.

But many chatbot developers have already failed to fundamentally understand how we really want to interact with chatbots.

Here’s some things bot developers need to understand ASAP.

We don’t want to talk to a robot.

Not all of us actually want to “chat” with a chatbot.

We even keep chats with our friends to a minimal.

That’s why we use emojis, stickers, GIFs, pictures, audios and abbreviations like “WTF” to text each other.

Texting is not awesome. It takes too much time!

And texting requires more thinking than we want — especially with a chatbot.

We have way too many other things to think about.

We don’t want to think for you.

Why do we have to think about what to ask your bot?

We never had to do that with apps or websites.

You should either know what we want by default or make it really easy to get what we want.

This doesn’t mean making a bot that answers any question we might ask.

We don’t want to think about what questions to ask anyway!

If we absolutely need to text your bot to get something we want, like searching something on Google, okay.

But you better not misunderstand us.

Don’t respect our needs?

No prob. We’ll just use the chatbots that do.

For those bot developers who make fun of buttons and suggested questions on chatbots: The jokes on you.

Because that’s exactly what we prefer.

Your stubbornness to create “AI” in the form of a chatbot is blindsiding you from reality.

Oh, so you can create a “real” AI experience?

Here’s a room full of people who care:

A room full of people who care

Look, we think chatbots can be huge.

But you have to think about us first - not how to show off your coding skills to other developers.

Want our attention? Care more. Don’t try to be cool.

And if you still don’t get it

or think “millennials are just dumb” or “millennials don’t know what they want”

Then we bet you were also one of the people who never understood our love for Snapchat and Instagram.

If that’s you, then maybe a job in cyber security or backend development is your thing.

And that’s okay.

If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand how to build great chatbots.

End of rant.

Inside Persona

Everything about Persona’s bots, user insight and vision.


Josh Bocanegra

Written by

CEO of Persona Technologies

Inside Persona

Everything about Persona’s bots, user insight and vision.

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