How to Cheat at Increasing Retention in Bots and Get Away with it.

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How do you build retention for bots that weren’t necessarily built to reach out to users daily?

Well, there’s a few ways but let’s focus on one today.

Usually triggered by an RSS feed, autoposts make it possible for your users to receive push notifications whenever there’s something new.

Autoposts can increase retention. However, it’s not that simple.

Our bots started using autoposts for social media updates using Chatfuels plugins.

I actually got this idea over some lunch in Palo Alto from Chatfuels Andrew Yaroshevsky.

Fun fact: David Marcus, head of the Messenger team, was actually sitting a few tables away from us. So, the creative energy was in the air!

Keep in mind though, opening a message alone doesn’t build retention.

Your bot increases retention when a user actually interacts with it after receiving a message.

What we do is simply ask users what they think of the post and prompt them with options to respond with emojis.

Chatfuel dashboard for sending autoposts.

Our bots collects emoji feedback and saves it as a variable.

We use the variable we collect to see how our autoposts are resonating with users weekly. Then we make adjustments if needed.

So if you’re looking for ways to increase retention, get creative with autoposts, it might just do the trick.

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