What if mom had a chatbot that could live on after she's gone?

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I’m passionate about artificial intelligence because I believe it could dramatically enhance the life we live.

To me, A.I. is an extension of ourselves and it’s the next step in our evolution.

When I think about how amazing our world is because of the technology we’ve created, I am in awe, except when I encounter the concept of death.

In every culture, death is the hardest problem to solve.

It’s so hard, that many of us have given up on the idea that it can be solved at all.

Until technology can solved the problem of death in a literal sense, I believe we can at least preserve more of ourselves beyond photos and videos after we die.

I’m talking about digital immortality.

It’s a hard task to tackle but recent advances in artificial intelligence is enabling developers to build new applications with powerful natural language processing algorithms.

Like a chatbot I’m creating of my mom.

I’m creating a chatbot that responds to what I say in my mothers voice. It answers questions like “How are you?” and offers a different response if asked again, so it’s not repetitive.

It also uses a machine learning algorithm to comprehend the various ways a question can be asked.

As time goes on, it will be able to answer more questions until it’ll feel like I’m just talking to my mom on the phone — even if she’s not really there.

The tedious part, of course, is having my mom record these audios beforehand. But with an easy-to-use interface for recording and a little patience, it can be done — at least until there’s a better way.

Want a bot of your own? Send me a message on Facebook.

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