7 Must-Have Skills For A Highly Persuasive Salesperson

Persuasion is the heart of sales. To persuade someone of the value of our product and service, we need to be able to articulate the benefits of investing clearly. A persuasive salesperson will strive to guide the customer to arrive at their own purchase decision instead of just hoping for a deal.

If you are interested in becoming a highly effective and persuasive salesperson, the following is the seven must-have skills to get you started:

1. Preparing

Instead of thinking they can “wing it” on every pitch, highly persuasive salespeople know their proposition value inside out. Before every meeting with prospective customers, we better do our homework and come prepared. We have to know what we are selling by heart, understand why someone will want it, and identify who our target customers are. How can we tailor the “one size fits all” sales pitch from most companies to fit different clients?

2. Analyzing Leads

Trying to accommodate every lead available is one of the easiest ways to waste our valuable time. To avoid irrelevant leads, we have to know our ideal client criteria upfront. A good salesperson is able to determine if the potential client is a good fit for the company or not. We also don’t want to burn a bridge just because a lead is not a good fit for our business right now. Always make it clear that we are always ready to work together in the future and revisit their business in six months.

3. Communicating

Every salesperson must acquire finely tuned communication skills to pick the right language for a persuasive argument. We want to talk in the client’ language and refocus the pitch on their needs instead of only talking about our companies and products. A sloppy delivery is not going to persuade anyone. If you want to achieve your goals of persuasion, start working on your verbal and non-verbal communication skills today.

4. Listening

One of the biggest mistakes in sales marketing is the lack of active listening. To make customers feel heard and appreciated, we always want to listen at least twice as much as we talk. The more we understand what our prospect is saying, the better we would know when the moment arrives to make our pitch or close sales.

5. Understanding Needs

To give clients what they want, we need to learn more about their needs, their desired benefits from our products, and their plans for the next few years. It’s necessary to personalize our presentation to each buyer and adjust the sales process to the buyer’s timeline.

6. Compelling Solution

To convince our buyers, we must spell out benefits for people. A persuasive salesperson always gives out a personalized solution that will help achieve the clients’ goals. By proposing the best possible solutions, we are leading them to discover their own best decisions.

7. Building Relationships

Rapport-building is a huge part of running a business, but most persuasive salesperson is genuinely interested in other people beyond sales. We need to make personal connections with our clients to maintain and strengthen our business relationships

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