— digital identity management system on blockchain

Bucharest, December 28th 2017

On January 1st, 2018, the pre-sale for the Persona blockchain project will be live.

Persona​​ ​represents​ ​a​ ​solution​ ​for​ ​identity​ ​management,​ ​aligned​ ​with​ ​the​ ​latest data​ ​protection​ ​regulations.​ ​Its​ ​scope​ ​is​ ​to​ ​empower​ ​the​ ​individual​ ​and​ ​grant​ ​them the​ ​control​ ​over​ ​their​ ​personal​ ​data​ ​as​ ​well​ ​as​ ​the​ ​means​ ​to​ ​secure​ ​access​ ​to​ ​their private​ ​details.

Persona started as a startup part of the Catalyst Societe Generale Corporate Accelerator in Romania where it was one of the three finalists. In December 2017, Persona obtained the 2nd prize as part of the ICO Pitch Competition during the d10e Conference in Bucharest.

The​ ​main​ ​goals​ ​of​ ​Persona​ ​are:

  • to​ ​​leverage​ ​on​ ​identity management​ ​services​ ​for​ ​the​ ​individual based​ ​on​ ​what​ ​the​ ​blockchain​ ​technology can​ ​offer (no middle man, immutability, strong built-in encryption, no single point of failure);
  • to ​protect​ ​individuals​ ​personal details​. ​​While​ ​it​ ​is​ ​obvious​ ​that individuals​ ​need​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​their details​ ​to​ ​various​ ​entities,​ ​they have​ ​no​ ​control​ ​over​ ​it​ ​after sharing.​ ​Persona​ ​is meant to put individuals​ ​back​ ​in​ ​the​ ​driver seat when it comes to sharing personal data;
  • to​ ​​allow​ ​entrusted​ ​third​ ​parties which ​with​ ​private​ ​details​​ they manage can now offer ​trust​ ​as​ ​a service;
  • to​ ​​streamline​ ​on-boarding process​ ​since​ ​an​ ​individual​ ​might be​ ​already​ ​checked​ ​by​ ​some entity​ ​enrolled​ ​in​ ​the​ ​system.
  • to​ ​​prevent​ ​fake​ ​news​,​ ​by​ ​providing​ ​a decentralized​ ​identity​ ​management​ ​system, Persona​ ​will​ ​provide​ ​the​ ​trust​ ​level​ ​we​ ​all need​ ​when​ ​we​ ​rely​ ​on​ ​news;​ ​based​ ​on​ ​the public​ ​Persona​ ​profile​ ​of​ ​any​ ​content​ ​creator, anyone (news aggregator, internet search engines or individuals) ​can​ ​track​ ​down​ ​news​ ​to​ ​their​ ​source;

The team that started Persona project have extensive experience in blockchain technology. Ioana Frincu and Dan Cearnau have delivered more than a dozen ICO projects for their clients while Stefan Neagu is one of ARK blockchain co-founders ( a $750M+ market cap blockchain technology).

The project’s advisors are Johan Gabriels (ex Mastercard CFO), Cosmin Bucur (ex Royal Bank of Scotland Head of Treasury), Mike Doty (ARK Board Director) and Cristian Lina (Managing Partner @Eversheds Lina&Gruia).

The soft cap for this project is $9.3M and the hard cap is $14M and the funds are raised through a private sale and a public sale, accepting ARK, ETH and BTC.

The Persona team sees the project as a foundation for identity management services starting from individual KYC and going further towards securing an IoT device. To deliver the promise, Persona blockchain is built using the ARK blockchain in order to inherit its smart bridge capability so other blockchain projects will benefit from asking and accessing the Persona blockchain. Developed using the ARK blockchain, Persona could eventually offer P2P payments, reputation system, or even micro-lending.

More information about the project can be accessed using the:

For other details about Persona you can contact the team using the email address