7 Proven Tips for Using SlideShare for Personal Branding

It’s all about the storytelling

Matthew Capala
Jan 7, 2014 · 6 min read

Have you used SlideShare? It is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting platform — similar to YouTube, but for slideshows. With 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views, it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world.

The graphic marketing tool can turbocharge your personal brand. Serving up images relevant to the brand you are trying to build combined with short, punchy text sends out an irresistible message to learn more about you.

If you do not prefer writing in-depth posts or mugging for videos SlideShare can be your online savior.

It is also a great medium for introverts interested in self-promotion because you don’t need to get in front of the camera or a big audience.

Content strategist Gregory Ciotti explains that beautiful, well-designed SildeShare presentations garner the most attention. Pay attention to substance and style to build your personal brand using the creative marketing medium.

Storytelling rules on SlideShare.

Stories never go out of style. Build a story through a combination of colorful imagery and eye-catching copy to reel in intrigued viewers and expand your brand awareness.


Show off your talents while weaving an inspiring tale for viewers. Since storytelling brands rule the online and offline world you would be wise to follow branding wizards and case studies on the subject.

Dan Schawbel is the author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, and owner of the award winning Personal Branding Blog explains:

From the corporate brand (BMW), to the product brand (BMW M3 Coupe) and down to the personal brand (car salesman), branding is a critical component to a customer’s purchasing decision. There is no hiding anymore and transparency and authenticity are the only means to survive and thrive in this new digital kingdom.

Many people think that personal branding is just for celebrities such as Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, yet each and every one of us is a brand. Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others. As a brand, we can leverage the same strategies that make these celebrities or corporate brands appeal to others. We can build brand equity just like them.

Social media tools, such as SlideShare, have leveled the playing ground and have enabled us to reach incredible heights, at the cost of our time.

Today, I want to share the personal branding process, so you can start to think about want to position yourself for success on this growing platform. This process helped me becomes top 1% influencer on SlideShare.

Here is how I did it:


1: Craft a Slogan

Dwell on the idea that best describes you. Build your SlideShare presentation on this slogan to resonate with your target audience. Observe the most well-known brands and influencers for inspiration. Your calling card might be solving specific problems faced by people in your niche.

Make sure to include a professional photo to connect with your target audience. Build a trustworthy, personable brand by literally allowing your online audience to see you. Few forms of online content disarm web visitors like a smiling, professional head shot.

2: Explain What You Do

People need to know how you can help them. Explain what you do before describing who you are. Powerhouse brands weave an enchanting story around how the brand can benefit individuals. Be the benefit. Describe how you can help your viewers.

Describe your services so potential customers can envision how your skills match their problems. Be as explicit as possible to create clarity in the mind of your prospects.

3: List Services and Credentials

Stand out from your crowded niche by sharing your credentials. What makes you special? What makes you tick?

If you are a professional, showcase your experience and former clients or companies your worked at.

4: Share Examples of Your Work

Let SlideShare viewers kick the tires and take your work for a test run before deciding to hire you. Share your work to give potential leads a glimpse into your finished product. Your work represents your brand. Post images of your finest masterpieces to resonate strongly with your ideal client.

Show any extracurricular or non-profit projects that will emphasize your cause-leadership attitude. It’s important in work and life.

Tap into the most powerful form of advertising on earth; word of mouth marketing. People might not believe you initially but are likely to trust glowing, authentic testimonials presented by their friends. Post slides of your best customer testimonials to build your brand on solid ground.

5: Go Off Topic

Why? Easy. People want to partner with a human. Humans do stuff outside of business, like taking vacations, or engaging in hobbies like skydiving. Say something interesting about yourself to strengthen your brand and connect with your audience. Post light, fun slides of you doing stuff outside of biz-related tasks.

6: Engage with a Call-to-Action

Offer something for free you could charge for and direct users to your website where you can convert them into audience, leads and customers.

7: Post Contact Information

Make it easy for people to connect with you by creating a slide listing your contact information. Include your phone number, email address, cell phone, Skype number and social media accounts on the slide. Allow viewers to reach you through their channel of choice. Gain the trust of your target market by being transparent.

For more tips on getting ahead of the pack, get my free ebook on personal branding.

Your Turn

Do you use Slideshare to build your brand? What tips can you add to this list?

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