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An Artful Fifth Dimension

Today I learned a little about the fifth dimension.

Photo by Yong Chuan Tan on Unsplash

It is difficult to make sense of something so abstract. I feel like the reason it makes sense is because I feel like I had an extended stay in the 5th Dimension. It didn’t look very different, actually. At the time I didn’t even know I was somewhere different. Once I returned from my Vision Quest, I began to realize I was deeply connected to the Observer Mind.

I imagine most intellectuals I know will turn their nose up to this kind of rhetoric. “These people sound crazy,” “That’s just a bunch of woo-woo”. Its so interesting to watch those people squirm when they don’t understand something. Like they are the arbiters of all truth, yet they take every fact they learn as an objective statement without being able to provide first hand experiential evidence. Most can only regurgitate stories that were told to them when they went to university. Sure there is repeatable research peppered in to make you believe everything you learn is unfalsifiable wisdom, but every great scientist was grasping at straws to try to describe natural laws. The people that parrot their findings are no better than cable news pundits. Now I’ve clearly digressed, but it’s important to be open-minded when exploring the thought realm (no pun intended).

This idea of the fifth dimension makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve written in previous posts about the Observer Mind and the Observed Mind. Over the past couple of years I’ve evolved from observing my shadow and incorporating it, applying that to my relationships with family, and then attempting an even greater bird’s eye perspective of how that relates to society and religion. My Observed Mind was always the one writing and articulating. Even though I used the pronouns “we” and “our”, it was always assumed that I was just trying to come across in a relatable way, as opposed to an evangelical holier-than-thou sermon. But the whole time I was unaware that those reflections are the fifth dimension.

In physics (not a physicist… took <calculus based physics), the fifth dimension is a center of gravity. It is a reflection of all possible outcomes based on the conditions available. Every possibility swirling around this one point. I feel intimately connected to this point because it is what I’ve been referring to as the Observed Mind and the other side of that black hole is the Observer Mind. I began sitting with this in meditation for 20 minutes a day and that very perspective is what got me through 48 hours with no food, water, and allowed me to be entranced by the nature that surrounded me. All possibilities remained but I didn’t act on any of them. “I’m just gonna go drink the hand washing water”. “I could easily just leave”. “I want to watch movies with grandpa when I get home”. “I want to bake with grandma.” “I should just join the Peace Corps”. All sorts of ideas came and left me without being acted on.

I felt deep pain in my kidneys and at the same time great reverence for the trees around me. Everything was real but I was still just watching it all play out as if I wasn’t even there. Life continued madly on. Instead of using my Observed Mind to escape reality with the internet or arduous tasks, I was using my Observer Mind to get me out of the mindset of being in Hell. I had to focus even more deeply on the beauty of nature and all the people and things I love in my life to keep me focused on survival being worth it afterall. Most of all, my self respect was greatly impacted by this accomplishment. I still feel the benefits of that days later when I would have normally found a reason to doubt myself again by now.

So what made me stay? I wanted to be the projection of what I’d envisaged before going out in the woods. The fifth dimension answers the questions ‘what for’ and ‘why’, and that’s exactly the message I got. The answer to my meaning crisis. I watched myself suffer in the woods. I knew how weak I looked lying on my side with one arm elevated to the sky, and even though I was not visually seeing a reflection in a mirror I was seeing it in my mind. The fact that I knew I was proving something to my Self was ‘why’. I didn’t get the ‘what for’ part until later. I’m not even sure there are words to fully describe it other than… my heart; my belief in myself and to be able to trust myself again. That connection had been severed by relying on people that let me down instead of relying on my Self and building that trust back.

Our intestines and our appetites are receptive to messages that they can respond to from physical items and actions in the 3D realm. Our minds respond to physical decay and growth over time in the 4D realm. But our hearts understand infinite possibilities and help us to be creative in our approach, allowing our options to stay suspended. That tantric dance of not knowing invites and enchants us, its much more alluring than physical realities of scarcity and lack. Embodying that mindset of moving toward a goal can get us to the places we want to be if we can cast aside our need for instant gratification from satiable pleasures.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa

Questing Thoughts:
How can people not see
that the world we’ve created
is a far cry from reality?
I am not the body
but the body is real
I remove my clothes
to sit bare
Its more exciting this way
my body is beautiful.
It does so much for me
It endures suffering and pain
Because of decisions
I make
We don’t need
when we want
but it comes to us
in time.



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