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Divine Masculine as the Container for Holding Space

We often try to conduct ourselves in a way that appears controlled.

In fact, losing control is frowned upon. This is one of the reasons we avoid talking about topics that are considered taboo. Those discussions put us in a position where we may not be able to stand firm in our convictions. We might feel shaky and uncomfortable. The paradox is that not talking about these things means we consider them less and are therefore less prepared when they do come up. So the trick is, don’t let them come up. Do the absolute most to avoid talking about these things. Including having rules like: “At the dinner table, we will not discuss sex, politics, and religion”, and then let that permeate out into all other realms of life.

The other common response we often have to deep conversations is to go looking for the quickest way out. In doing so, we take someone else’s vulnerable moment and slam the door in their face simply because we can’t be sure how the conversation will go. With politics, its very easy to see people using talking points. They collect slogans and mottos from the news programs that validate an ideal political party. They take these talking points to echo chambers or their adversaries, depending on what stage of delusion they embody. When arguments are had just for the sake of an adrenaline rush and not to break new ground, they are just a different kind of orgasm. The echo chamber is the proverbial circle jerk, while raging solo renegades are like streakers at ball game.

Difficult conversations that are divinely feminine, on the other hand, are like tantric sex. There is a push and a pull, a give and a take. Each person can have a turn being the dom or the sub. There are no fixed roles or goals, just experience and togetherness. Tantra is controlled chaos; a container for shared space. This tantric exercise is useful in more than just our sex lives, it is also a method for conversing with the Divine. Constantly questioning the morality and existence of God is part of the practice. There are times we believe ourselves to be more powerful than our intuition, and there are times when we are humbled by it. But that doesn’t mean we should stop interacting with it. Our cynicism toward taboo topics is our innate masculine response to disorder. Our need for control is a masculine shadow. The conversations that allow for the disorder are divinely feminine. The divine masculine can be a container for the divine feminine. That is what it means to hold space.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



My own personal commentary on society, culture, and the narrative

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