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Life has begun to move at an uncomfortably fast pace.

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I feel like I can hardly keep up. Only a few months ago it was moving so painfully slow that I couldn’t wait until things started happening. Now that they have, I’m a bit overwhelmed. The entire month of March flew by and now April is doing the same. Rather than be upset about it, I’m moving through as much of it as I can. Sometimes it feels like I’m under a boat motor and the propeller is spinning in my face. There are moments when I have to just go lay down and take a nap.

I also haven’t been connecting with Spirit so much lately, meaning I haven’t been sitting in my body to feel it. Meditation is tactical training that prepares us for handling times like these when it seems like the whole world is in disarray. Just taking that time out to feel safe in the body puts the mind at greater ease. The more we practice meditation, the more familiar we are with how to not act on our impulses. The truth is, thinking is just something we do impulsively, so controlling the desire to think is actually a skill we can improve upon. Especially when it comes to an emergency, we need to be able to think clearly through a situation, only allowing in the thoughts that are going to be helpful.

Whether or not there is a correlation, I do plan to solve this stress with meditation. I am committing to another round of Sam Harris Waking Up App. I did an entire year for free with the app before the scholarship ran out. Last check on my old account was 262 days of mindfulness, 4400 mindful minutes, and 557 total sessions. I realize now how committed I was even during a mental breakdown to have some sanity. I’m proud of myself. I was setting up zoom meetings to share the meditations with others so I think I may do that again. Sharing space to encourage others to reflect on their day and to motivate me to take that time for myself. I think my journals are about to get really interesting.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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