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Somebody Watchin’ Me

Living an examined life means observing it all and for me, that also means documenting it.


What for? To share with others in case its helpful for them to relate with someone else’s life. There are hidden bits of unseen information we seem to transmit subliminally to one another. In the exchanges and the way we arrange our sentences, we deliver a message that might be received in a different way than we intended- all based on the receiver. Individual accounts of life have an authentic relatability. In a world of feeling like we don’t belong, it is the magic of this connection that brings meaning back into our lives.

I’ve even begun to notice different iterations of me, from different eras of my life, are conversing with one another in a similar way. My future-self calms my present-self. My present-self heals my past-self. To take on those mindsets, I have to focus on thinking in those dimensions, rather than visiting them while still engulfed in the daily mess of thought. Somehow, if the future mind-set is running on autopilot in the subconscious background, then the mind is reminded to remain at-ease.

I’ve been working with the Persephone archetype. When we get to know the ancient stories of whatever history we are interested, or whatever mindset we would like to embody, we can read about the characters, and begin to channel them in doing so. Its similar to how people say that their relationship with close family members continues to develop even after the person moves on to the spirit realm. Our memories and recollections inform us about how that person would’ve made decisions. The more interested we are in learning about them, the more likely we are to read about them.

Persephone — the Archetype A Persephone Woman is usually passive in attitude. She does not act but is acted on by others. She is the sleeping princess waiting for a prince to come along and kiss her awake. Her relationship to her mother is often too close to develop an independent sense of herself.

If we left it there, we’d have a very weak relationship with the Persephone Archetype. Its possible we came to this excerpt with some prior knowledge about the goddess. If we read a book about her, we are much more informed about her mindset based on circumstances throughout her life. At that point we will have begun to build a relationship with her in the thought realm. We will be able to visit with her and ask her for advice.

There was this bird stuck in the shop the other day. Poor thing was just flying around in circles. The shop is a two story warehouse with garage style doors that only open halfway up the side of the building. In other words, the bird needed to fly lower but was, instead, flying around the ceiling. It was a hot and humid Florida day, so every now and then he would stop and rest. If only there were some way to transmit the brain message to him that would instruct him to fly closer to the ground to get out. Of course, seeing this bird flail about with an obvious solution got me to reflecting on my own life. Now, while trying to embody the archetype of that bird as he relates to me, I need to figure out what that human watching me already knows…

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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