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The First Harvest

Happy Lughnasadh!

This is the day of the first harvest and the first day of the month of August.

Of course, Christianity has its own version of this holiday as many dates were co-opted, so that those cultures and communities celebrating their own traditions were actually celebrating a Christian Holy Day. We could give the benefit of the doubt and say they just wanted to join in but couldn’t pronounce Lughnasadh and since there was a lot of bread they called it “Lammas” as in /loaf mass/. I don’t know much more about this holiday but I like the theme. Harvests are the result of a lot of time, energy, diligence, and patience.

For so long, I have wondered how spirituality, religion, and God play a part in my life. After living in a majority Muslim country, I wondered if the messages were just lost in translation. I often think about what was on my mind during that plane ride back to the United States. “Maybe God is Love, Jesus is Faith and the Holy Spirit is Hope.” I think I experienced an existential crisis a that tender age of thirteen. I didn’t know how to talk about these things, there were no words. The atheists would ridicule the thought of God and Christians would say I’m going to Hell for not believing in God. Neither approachable. This led me on my own journey to find my Self.

Now I am grateful for that language barrier because I can bridge the gap. I feel like I am living up to my true potential when I attempt to decipher and translate the ancient messages through meditation and contemplation. I am honored to use my time to explore the unknown realm of the spiritual world. I only hope that more people will want to join me.



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