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Whats Alive: Feeling into Spaces

Lets take a moment to feel into our bodies.

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Its interesting, the practice of grounding into the body; a simple practice of checking in with the feelings and sensations that are being experienced by this vessel that carries our thoughts. It really helps to put me at ease when I take a moment to notice my breathing and what my gut is telling me. Is it tense? Is it anxious? Am I sitting in a good position?

I have so much experience with the internet that even online spaces seem like a space I can feel into. For instance, where I write in my computer determines the vibe of my writing. It feels different to type into the text box in Substack than it does in a Discord Server, and each Discord Server has its own vibe associated with it. Substack feels too formal for some reason.

This thought occurred to me when I began to write my solar eclipse meditation in Medium because I’ve gotten so used to this platform, I even choose it over Microsoft Word. The font and the blank screen and the fact that I’ve been journaling “here” for a while makes it feel like home. I am genuinely comfortable here, so its a nice place to write a meditation. This is undoubtedly because when I do any journaling (whether that is with my fellow journaling gangsters in the Stoa, or all by myself in my camper) Medium (the platform) is where I am.

Millennials grew up in a time when the internet was just being introduced. We can remember its infancy but we also still had super malleable brains ourselves, so we absorbed it like a sponge. If you were fortunate enough to have parents with computers and the internet, you were at a great advantage. Technology makes us more adaptable... or does it? In fact, its easy to imagine a future where our dependence on it slowly decays our ability to function without it. I can hardly find places without using a GPS, so being able to read a map and use a compass are necessary skills to have in case I don’t have access to cell reception. I need to pass this information on so that it remains embedded in the Collective Wisdom for all future generations.

For now, our ability to switch between the realms of reality and virtu-ality is a muscle we should continue to exercise. At least until we get some better understanding and more data regarding what we are doing to our physical bodies by living the Modern Way. There is no other group that is more qualified because we have evolved to face these problems. I am beginning to think that understanding these mind fucks is a major responsibility of my generation. We have to bridge this enormous gap in transmission of information from our elders to the generations to come and ensure it isn’t just the bad shit that makes it on the internet.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa




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