David Bowie Would Have Been First to Tokenize Himself

In the New York Times recently there has been a resurgence of love for our David Bowie.

There is an new augmented reality piece David Bowie in 3D that truly makes you feel that you can literally reach into your computer screen and hug the man simply to say, “Bowie, I never knew until now how much my future was paved by your innovation.” At least that is what I would say. I feel I owe him my appreciation becauses he was really the first artist to reverse engineer his success via the platform economy. He built his contract based of future sales and dared bet on his future. The Great Bowie — pretty much was the very first Panteon participant. That act of courage allowed him to own the creative liscense of his work, his success, and ultimately his brand.

Listen to this BBC interview David Bowie gave in 1999! Here are a few key points that seemed they could have been said at #SXSW this year!

“Monopolies do not have a monopoly. I embrace the idea there is a dymistifaction between the artist and the audience. Now it is subgroups and community. What is new is the construction between audience and performer. The audience is at least as important as the performer. We are now living in total fragmentation.”
“The interplay between the user and the provider are going to be so in such sympatico. The idea that the piece of work is not finished until audience come to it an add their own interpretation and what the piece of work is about is the gray space in the middle.”

I just know that if David Bowie was here in this blockchain moment he would be collaborating with Imogen Heap and taking Mycelia to a whole new glittering cloud.

I share this in the context of Mark Pesce as he is an innovator and an artist. As a futurist he has been playing with augemented reality and light for well over 10,000 hours. Like Bowie he is tranparent in his thinking, sharing ideas freely and being a scout foraging the future and getting bruises well before the rest of us. Oscar Wilde says it best: a dreamer is one wo can only find her way by moonlight and her punishment is that she sees the dawn before the rest of us.

If you want to know where the platform economy is going listen to David Bowie and turn up the volume on Mark Pesce. I just know that Bowie would have cheered and even invested in the Mark Pesce Token. We are so very lucky that we get an opportunity to shape the future together — all of us integrating the past, present and the future in micro iterations of blogs, tweets, coins, and songs.

In the gray space,

Jennifer #a3r

#I_Am_A _Platform