In the beginning…

Mark Pesce Token is a world-first “Professional Attention Token”

It is with great pleasure I announce the Mark Pesce Token (MPT) — a world-first “Professional Attention Token” redeemable for 15 minutes of professional services. Available immediately on a pre-sale basis at

Professional Attention Tokens create a new channel for professionals to market their services to a wider — potentially global — audience, promising reduced marketing and promotion costs, raising revenues and building branding.

Professional Attention Tokens define a pre-built ‘smart contract’ allowing professionals to contract services directly with the public, creating a consumer-purchasable ‘token’ redeemable for professional services.

As this is the first time something like this has been created (as far as I know), I will be fully documenting my process and outcomes on this publication— so that others can create their own Professional Attention Tokens.

The journey toward the creation of the Professional Attention Token began with a tweet from @markjeffrey on 4 August in which he joked in the future 4 out of 5 Americans had their own personal cryptocurrency. Only that’s not a joke. That’s the future. And I’m making it happen.

It seemed such a little thing at the time. A joke. But jokes often illuminate the shape of the future.

That offhand remark led me to write a column for @TheRegister where I mused that attention has value — and professional attention has specific value:…

I’d already mapped out what I wanted to do, but it wasn’t until January that I began in earnest.

The last eight weeks have forced me to learn heaps more about tokens, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and — most significantly — the specifics of both contract and consumer law. That’s been the surprise here — that this is more about law than finance or crypto.

Today, the real journey begins. Today I start listening to all of you — because you’ll have all sorts of wonderful crazy ideas that will make Professional Attention Tokens even better than I could dream of on my own.

So with that, over to you.