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Dec 17, 2019 · 4 min read

Personal Finance Education is lacking. Fruggles everywhere are suffering from lifestyle creep. I am passionate about improving basic knowledge of Personal Finance.

Personal Finance Calculators

That’s why I’ve built a set of free Personal Finance Calculators. They provide straight-talking, information-only facts. No selling of products or affiliate pushing.

You can try out the calculators right away:

From today, you also embed the full calculators or even the individual charts on your Blog or Website. For free!

It’s so simple, just add a couple of lines of HTML. There are examples and snippets you can just copy & paste. I am here to help get you started if you get stuck! I’m a software engineer by trade, so just get in touch if you need a hand.

Compound Interest Calculator

The Money Mage Compound Interest Calculator has been around since January. It’s the first calculator I created.

It’s pretty awesome — it’s super flexible!

It can be used to:

Announcing the new Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Today I am announcing a new Personal Finance Calculator. The Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Some say that Mortgage Overpayments are not worth it. Now you can remove the belief and opinion. You can look yourself at the raw figures & make up your mind.

You can now see what:

The mortgage repayment calculator also allows you to tweak your interest rate, term.

Embed full calculators on your site, for free!

All of Money Mages’ Personal Finance Calculators can be embedded on your blog or website, for free! As you can see above, I’ve embedded the full Mortgage Repayment Calculator — it’s just a few lines of HTML and is fully customisable.

Embed individual charts in your articles, for free!

Full calculators might not be ideal to embed. Sometimes you just want to embed an individual chart to make a point.

Like how silly it is to only make just over minimum payments on your £3,000 Credit Card Debt.

Now you can! You can use the charts. There are currently three charts:

Announcing mm.js — Open Source

mm.js (Money Mage JavaScript Library) is the JavaScript library that powers this site. From charting, graphs, tables. I’ll be expanding and providing more and more Personal Finance tools over time.

On my TODO list:

  • Asset Class Charts
  • Rent vs Buy Calculator
  • Second Hand vs PCP Car Calculator
  • Networth Graphing via Google Sheets

If you would like to see more, please do get in touch!

mm.js is Open Source. mm.js is licensed under a derivative MIT license. This means you can do what you like with the software I have created, as long as you provide a dofollow backlink to

See for more details.

I hope you enjoy these charts and calculators. If you’d like to give them a go but don’t know where to start, please get in touch on Twitter @moneymagery. I love making Data Visualisations and charts, I a fan of Edward Tufte*.

You can see some of the charts I will be adding to mm.js in the Money Mage household October 2019 Savings Report.

Subscribe now, follow me on Twitter @moneymagery, stick by the Principles of Financial Independence and you’ll be mortgage-free in no time.

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  • Calculator by jakeandlindsay CC-BY

Personal Finance Grimoire

Make More Money • Save & Invest • Retire Early

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Personal Finance Grimoire

Make More Money • Save & Invest • Retire Early

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