The Importance Of Making Money: Conclusion

By Richard Reis

Why Make More Money?

It’s hard to write about making money without sounding like those annoying spam emails.

  • What am I good at?
  • How can I bring value to others?
  • What would I enjoy doing?
  • I’m good at writing so I could start a blog, write a book, or apply to news websites/ magazines.
  • I can provide value to others by selling them a product I really believe in, starting a YouTube channel to entertain people, or solve a problem people have.
  • I would enjoy a job that involves traveling and/ or being around other people.
  • You enjoy writing, but don’t know how to publish a book? Now you know what to learn!
  • You want to apply for a job, but don’t have the skills? Now you know what to learn!
  • When things are stagnant, we’re bored.
  • When things are getting worse, we’re sad.
  • When things are improving, we’re happy!

How To Make More Money

So how do you make more money? Let’s summarize everything we talked about these past few weeks:

  • Know there are two ways to make money, salaried and nonsalaried work.
  • Salaried means you’ll apply for a job. It would be a good idea to write a resume and cover letter. But try also to do things differently than most people so you can stand out.
  • Nonsalaried means you’ll depend on yourself. Most people do this (and accumulate a lot of wealth) in one of two ways; Real Estate or Entrepreneurship.
  • Currently, many people are building apps (because the cost is so low and the potential reward is so high). But their ultimate goal is to have their apps turn into a startup.
  • Startups are super hard. You can learn more about why here. On the bright side, all you need to get started is a cofounder and a product.
  • Afraid of what could go wrong? ABZ Planning will help you prepare for all scenarios.
  • Think you need a college degree or passion? Make sure you question those conventions.
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Richard Reis

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