The One Investment That Pays Me 25+% Per Month Without Fail

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Jared A. Brock
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4 min readMay 15, 2021


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My wife and I used to go through way too much toilet paper.

Then, while visiting Ethiopia a few years ago, we had no choice but to use a bidet because TP wasn’t available.

It was a game-changer.

I’ve never felt so clean.

It was as if I’d been living like a chimp my whole life.

We came home and bought a portable squeeze-bottle bidet for $13.99.

It instantly cut our toilet paper usage by more than half.

The average person uses 60+ rolls per year.

We currently pay $33.99 for 45 rolls of 100% recycled paper.

Having a bidet earns us a 300+% after-tax ROI per year.

It’s literally the best investment I’ve ever made.

But this isn’t an article about toilet paper.

This is about learning the meta-skill of fiat-avoidance.

See, inflation is eating your money.

The Feds say it’s 2% per year.

They’re lying.

It’s at least 10%.

Could be higher than 20%.

Regardless of the exact number, your money is worth less every single year.

And I bet your income isn’t keeping pace.

Here’s the tricky thing: The time and inputs needed to grow a tomato have never changed in human history. It still takes seed, water, soil, sun, and time.

But if the fiat price of a tomato keeps going up, and your fiat wages don’t keep up, there inevitably comes a point when it makes sense to cut out the middle-man (government-manipulated fiat money) and just grow tomatoes yourself.

It’s fundamental math.

If we continue on this current monetary trajectory, there will come a day when literally no one uses government money for trade.

It’ll be like Germany in the twenties.



Jared A. Brock
Personal Finance

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