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5 Powerful Benefits Of Journaling As Part of Your Morning Routine

Jari Roomer
Peak Productivity
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6 min readJan 10, 2019


I’ve been journaling for years now, and it has been a very powerful habit that helped me to become a happier, more grateful human being, stay focused on my goals and get a calm, clear mind. I never would’ve thought I would enjoy journaling so much. In fact, I never knew it was ‘acceptable’ for guys to keep a journal until I started my journey in the self-development world about 5 years ago.

Nowadays, I’d say that you are quite a badass when you keep a journal, simply because it’s such a simple practice that has proven valuable benefits for your happiness, productivity and life in general. Therefore, in this article, I’ll specifically focus on 5 of the most powerful benefits that journaling provides when you do it as part of your morning routine.

Benefit 1: Start The Day On A Positive & Grateful Note

By journaling in the morning, you make sure you start the day on a positive and grateful note. Especially when you follow a simple gratitude practice like writing down three things that you are grateful for, you’ll notice that you’ll start the day a lot happier. Personally, I like to write down one thing that I’m grateful for about my own being (characteristics, looks and actions), one thing that I’m grateful for that someone else did and one thing that I can be grateful for that is as small and ordinary as possible.

Not only does this exercise work incredibly well in the moment, but it also trains you to actively look for (and remember) moments, people and experiences during the day that you can be grateful for. Over time, this practice will turn you into a happier, more positive person, as you become more focused on the positive things in life instead of only the negative.

“Without gratitude and appreciation for what you already have, you’ll never know true fulfillment.” — Tony Robbins