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How To Motivate Yourself Every Single Day (Without Fail)

Do you ever struggle with motivation?

In the past, I certainly have.. For years, motivation used to come in waves. One day I would be extremely motivated to work hard, while on another day I just couldn’t seem to get off the couch. It was incredibly frustrating, to say the least.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself as well.. You want to sit down and write, but you can’t seem to motivate yourself to do it. You want to study hard for your exam, but you just keep postponing it until later. You know you need to start working on that particular project, but checking another cat video on YouTube seems a lot more fun. This lack of motivation is something that severely limits our growth in many areas of our lives, including our finances, health, career, relationships and self-esteem.

And that needs to change!

Your Mental State Determines Your Short-Term Mood, Decisions and Thoughts

How motivated we are is largely determined by the state of mind we’re in. When we’re in a lousy state for example, we’re much more likely to procrastinate heavily. We’ve all been there, and it feels really weird. It’s that state in which you are low on energy and where you don’t seem to care about doing the things that are ‘right’ for you anymore. Rather, it seems more appealing to play a video game, watch another episode of Game of Thrones or to go out and grab a beer or a snack. All in all, you don’t feel like doing anything that requires your willpower and your present self and future self are not aligned at all.

Your state of mind is incredibly powerful. When you’re in an unhappy or frustrated state, you may react to your spouse in a way that is not that friendly. However, when you’re in a happy and energetic state you respond completely different even though it’s the exact same situation. When you are in a motivated and energized state of mind, all of a sudden you look forward to going to the gym, while on another day you can’t seem to get of the couch at all. This is all determined by your temporary state of mind.

Your state of mind literally determines what you think and feel, and what sort of actions will or won’t take. In other words, your state of mind practically determines everything that is happening in the moment. As soon as I learned this lesson from my mentor and role model Tony Robbins, my mind was blown away and I started to dive deep into mental states.

Your Mental State Is Not Fixed, It Can Easily Be Changed

Sometimes we can’t really do anything about the fact that we’re in a lousy state of mind. Sometimes it just happens without a specific reason. We wake up and we ‘don’t feel like it’. Although we wake up like this, it doesn’t mean that we should stay in that frame of mind the entire day. We need to proactively improve our mindset so that we feel inspired and motivated to take action.

Your state of mind is not something ‘fixed’. It’s not like you can’t do anything to change your state. It’s more that you don’t feel like changing your state. It almost feels like you don’t want to be motivated or productive at those moments. It’s low vibration energy which you’re sucked into without being aware of it.

It’s Your Duty To Get Into A Peak State As Often As Possible

If you truly want to make this life epic, achieve your biggest goals and stop procrastinating, it’s your obligation to change your lousy state into a peak state at any moment in time — whether you feel like it or not. If you can control your state of mind, you can control your destiny. That’s why I have certain habits and activities that I do and don’t do on a daily basis in order to prevent falling into a lousy state of mind too often. These habits and activities are:

  • Healthy nutrition (Prevent the energy dip from high sugar and trans-fat food)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Meditate at least 1x per day
  • Don’t snooze in the morning or sleep in
  • Don’t procrastinate (duh)
  • Don’t hang out (too often) with people who don’t want to go up in life
  • Don’t watch TV or check social media in the first hour of the day

Peak State of Mind for Peak Level Performance

Instead of just accepting the lousy state of mind we regularly fall into, we need to train and condition ourselves to get into a peak state the majority of the time. It shapes everything from how we react to loved ones to what we eat — and from how productive we are to how motivated we feel.

You’ve probably been into a peak state of mind yourself a few times (hopefully a lot of times). It’s that state of mind in which you just feel like you can take on the entire world. You’re ambitious, you crush your to-do’s and you feel like a total badass. You want to do the right things, eat the right foods and do what’s good for you and your future. Your present self and future self are completely aligned with each other. No way that you’ll procrastinate in that state of mind.

Unfortunately, most people rarely experience days in which they’re in a peak state. And that’s absolutely something that has to change if you want to stop procrastinating. You’ve got to integrate getting into a peak state in your life by doing certain habits on a daily basis.

Changing Your State Starts With Changing Your Physiology

Most of these ‘state change habits’ involve the use of your body, as the way you use your body massively determines your psychology and emotional state. Change the way you move, change the way you feel. Think about it, when you walk with confidence, you’ll start to feel more confident. If you slough, you’ll feel lazy. If you start to cheer and laugh, you’ll feel awesome. And when you sit, you’ll feel entirely different compared to when you’re jumping or doing push-ups. What you do with your body is a large determining factor in the way you feel and the state of mind you’re in.

That’s why, whenever I need to change my state, I do things like Wim Hof breathing exercises, take a cold shower, meditate or do a quick workout. This immediately changes my physiology, which has a direct effect on the neurons in my brain, which in turn puts you in a happier, more energetic and motivated mindset. Don’t forget, the mind and body are incredibly connected.

Me meditating in Spain

Feeding Your Mind For A Peak State

On top of that, it’s critical to feed your mind the right things if you want to get into peak state. You’re not going to get into peak state if you’re playing video games or watching Netflix. Rather, watch a motivational video, read an inspiring book, review your goals or do a visualization exercise to get you into peak state immediately. Now, let me share some of the daily habits I use in order to get into a peak state of mind almost every single day:

  • Movement and exercise
  • Breathwork exercises (Wim Hof style breathing for example)
  • Cold-showers
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Goal-reviewing
  • Reading (self-development and business books)
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Watching motivational videos

All of these habits feed my mind and body in such a way that I get more inspired, motivated and focused on the important things in life. Aka, they put me in a peak state of mind from which I definitely won’t procrastinate anymore. Implement a few of these habits in your daily life and you’ll automatically find yourself less and less in a lousy state, and more often in a peak state.

For those days in which you do get into a lousy state, try to change your state as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it’ll become. So, move with your body, do some rapid breathing exercises, visualize about your goals, review your goals or listen to a podcast to get into a peak state immediately. From this state of mind, you’ll find it much easier to work hard, crush your goals and stop procrastinating.

Now Do It

Successfully changing your state at will, over and over again, is what’ll set you apart from the rest. It’s what’ll help you get consistent high levels of motivation and productivity. It’s what’ll help you perform at the highest levels, stop procrastinating and do the things that are right for you and your future. In other words, it’ll change your entire life. Try it for yourself and see what these state changes will do to you.

To Your Personal Growth,

Jari Roomer

Founder Personal Growth Lab