10 alternatives to “I love you”

Person 1: I love you.

Person 2: I can’t do this. I am not ready

Person 1: I love you

Person 2: Too late. I waited for too long to hear these words.

Person 1:I love you

Person 2: Oh my god me too!

Person 1: Let’s get married.

Person 2: Hold your horses. I love you but getting married is different.

These three words carry weight and meaning especially in romantic situations. Arguably, they mean different things to different people.

I: Me, my body, my mind, my soul, my heart, my ego, who I think I am. Wait who am I? Who knows?

Love: Impossible to define, but something around caring, attaching, addiction, accepting someone, can be healthy or unhealthy. Who knows?

You: Your body, what I project on you, the fantasies I have about you, how you make me feel, your personality, your being, your presence, your values. Who knows?

Confusing right?

To simplify my life, I thought of 10 alternatives to I love you, that feel more real. Feel free to share yours:

1- When I am with you, my body feels at peace

2- You meet my needs [insert needs]

3- I feel intense emotions for you, I am still figuring out what they are

4- The way you treat me, makes me feel accepted and cared for

5- Your presence makes me feel grateful about my life

6- The way you write / think / work / paint etc. inspire me to create / do / act

7- Being with you, helps me get to know myself better

8- My mind goes often into fantasy about you

9- I feel an urge to care for you, and provide you with affection both physical and emotional

10- We have a lot in common, including similar values, and it makes me wonder if we would make a good long term team

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