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Apr 22, 2018 · 6 min read

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Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography

This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of photography, even if you have little to no experience with it. Understand How Cameras Work and What Gear You Need, Master Shooting in Manual Mode and Editing Photos, Follow Our Photo Adventures and See How We Shoot Photos Ourselves, and more.

28 Days of Portrait Photography

Sue Bryce’s 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business.

Portrait Photography Bootcamp

This course will start at the very beginning and help you establish a foundation for all styles of portrait photography. You’ll learn about the essential elements of a good portrait; lighting, posing and expression. Then you’ll learn how to work with what you’ve got, with instruction on shooting with window, natural, indoor, and studio lights.

Posing 101

Fashion and portrait photographer Lindsay Adler will break down the fundamentals of perfect posing, giving you the basic rules you should follow to make your subjects and your photos look their best. Lindsay demonstrates the do’s and don’ts for every category of subject, including men, women, older people, couples, brides and grooms, groups, and more.

The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners

If you want to take more memorable and inspiring photographs of your travels, your friends and family, or the great outdoors then this photography for beginners class is for you. Learn how to make average pictures amazing photographs and gain the ground necessary to continue your photography education.

Fundamentals of Photography

Taught by seasoned photographer John Greengo, this class places emphasis on quality visuals and experiential learning. You’ll learn: How to bring together the elements of manual mode to create an evocative image: shutter speed, aperture, and image composition. How to choose the right gear, and develop efficient workflow. And more.

Incredible Engagement Photography

In this course, you’ll discover how to: Use simple on- and off-camera flash lighting. Communicate effectively to devise creative, meaningful poses. Develop post-processing and overall workflow. you will learn how to adapt to a variety of different lighting situations — indoor and outdoor, natural and urban. And more.

Speedlights 101

This workshop will give you the confidence to incorporate small portable flash in your photography toolkit. From shooting receptions at weddings or adding drama in senior portraits, this workshop will include lots of live shooting examples that will help everything make sense.

Seeing and Shaping Light

This class will teach all levels of photographers to see light in a whole new way. By understanding the science behind the lighting, you will learn to shape and create more dynamic photographs. The instructor is a successful New York fashion photographer and one of the most popular educators in photography.

Creating Painterly Photographs

In this class, you’ll learn how to create painterly images by using a wide variety of techniques. Kathleen Clemons will show you how to apply effects using in-camera settings, different lenses, Adobe Photoshop®, and low-tech tricks like applying vaseline to filters. Capture the magic of nature and turn your photography into remarkable impressionistic art.

Location Lighting 101

This course is your introduction to the skills you need to shoot successfully in any outdoors situation. You’ll learn about working with single and multiple flashes, reflectors, and speedlights. Lindsay Adler also shares the best times to opt for studio gear and guides you through ways to incorporate it in your outdoor workflow.

Newborn Photography Bootcamp

Kelly Brown is a highly-celebrated family photographer and runs a successful Australian studio. Kelly will teach: Posing for newborns — Everything from the most-requested classic poses to more advanced and creative posing. How to set up a home studio — What you need, what you don’t, and how to create a safe, polished, and inviting space. And much more.

Natural Light Basics

Join award-winning photography Scott Robert Lim as he breaks down lighting basics and how to find great light and solve problems when in difficult lighting situations. He’ll cover how to work through extremely bright light by using your environment and the available resources only. He’ll also discuss how to use reflectors and diffusers to control the light, and more.

Street Photography: The Art of Photographing Strangers

Ashley Gilbertson is the creative visionary behind “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: A Photographer’s Chronicle of the Iraq War”. In this class, he’ll teach you how to get incredible shots using a variety of conventional and unconventional methods. You’ll learn about: Gear, in theory, and practice. Techniques for getting caption information. And more.

Fine Art Photography: The Complete Guide

This is an all-inclusive workshop that provides the tools you need to run a successful and creative business as a fine art photographer. You’ll learn creative exercises to find and develop your ideas, how to produce your own photo series, post production techniques and skills for compositing and retouching, how to print your pieces so they look like art. And more.

Nature and Landscape Photography

In this class, award-winning photographer John Greengo uses illustrations, animations, and photographs of destinations from around the world to teach you the thought process behind great nature photography. You’ll learn which gear is suited to the environment you want to shoot and how to plan for ideal light and composition.

From Capture to Print

Rocco Ancora shows how to capture and edit your image so that it translates perfectly to print. Whether printing on your own or using a third party printing service, Rocco will have you confident in everything from calibrating your monitor to choosing the right paper for your product.

The Art of Filmmaking and Editing

This film workshop is your opportunity to learn how to become a visual storyteller. Whether you’re a photographer or an aspiring filmmaker, you will come out of this class with all of the skills to produce web commercials, wedding, birth, family and event films.

Street Photography: Capture the Life of Your City

Join popular photography teacher, trashhand, as he shares insight on some of his favorite street photography techniques. While weaving through the streets of Chicago trashhand covers four main topics: capturing authentic candids, utilizing blur to convey motion, finding compelling angles for “look-up” shots, and finally trying these techniques at night.

Fundamentals of DSLR Photography

This introductory photography class is a smart, inspiring way to get up to speed quickly. Taught by photographer Justin Bridges, you’ll learn how to manually balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to achieve perfect exposure, every time — and then hit the NYC streets to see it all in action.

Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Inspiring Visual Stories

Join photographer Marte Marie Forsberg to learn her inspired approach to lifestyle photography. Whether you’re photographing for a blog or Instagram, or simply want to capture a beautiful meal, you’ll learn how to capture stunning stories in a styled yet natural way. This class is perfect for beginning and pro photographers alike.

Outdoor Photography: Shooting at Sunset, Sunrise, and Night

Go on-location with photographer and adventurer Chris Burkard as he explores the wilderness and discovers great photos along the way. Lessons include working with lighting at different times of day, shooting long exposures, and incorporating subjects into a landscape shot.

Food Photography: Capturing Food in Your Kitchen

Whether you’re a food blogger, self-proclaimed master chef, or just an Instagram foodie, this course will give you the skills needed to take professional food photos. The goal is this course is to teach you how to take better photos of your food with any camera, wherever you are.

Wedding Photography: Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

Some of the things you’ll learn in this course: Setting up your wedding photography business. Getting your first clients. Putting together an awesome equipment kit for shooting weddings. Knowing exactly what goes on during a typical wedding day and how to navigate it. Shooting beautiful photos of every moment. And much more.

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