22 Things Men Should Know By Age 22

Todd Brison
Personal Growth
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2 min readDec 15, 2016


  1. Marriage is underrated. Massive depth of trust with one person is unbeatable.
  2. Marketers are trained to make you think your life is crap (luckily, they have the solution!!).
  3. Intent beats information. I can find information anywhere. The only reason I would listen to what you have to say is if I care about you.
  4. Cats make better pets, but dogs make better alarm clocks.
  5. What you do on this planet is pointless
    you leave it in other people.
  6. Good friends are a luxury.
  7. Neither the media nor the gurus nor the pundits nor the talk show hosts portray relationships correctly. Find your example elsewhere.
  8. You put the clothes in the washer, pour half a cup of detergent in, and press “start.” It really isn’t that hard.
  9. Most of the people in your life now will not be there in 5 years. Tell them how much they matter to you today.
  10. Your parents are right about a lot of things.
  11. Be a student of whoever you are in a relationship with. Learn their favorite drink/show/shoe size/vacation spot/fears/doubts/dreams.
  12. There is no such thing as “it’s just business.”
  13. Obsession beats talent.
  14. Consistency beats ability.
  15. Constant work beats skill.
  16. Creation beats affirmation.
  17. Paper beats rock (sorry, I couldn’t resist).
  18. Having male friends matters. In a world where most of us walk by and wave our careers around at each other as the latest version of measuring that one part of our bodies, it helps to have an actual conversation with another man.
  19. Most of your “big choices” matter less than you think. Pick one, course correct if you hate it, and then move on.
  20. The Internet is not a magical cash fountain.
  21. Chase after your dreams with reckless abandon BECAUSE
  22. You deserve it.

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Personal Growth

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