24 Life Changing Productivity Tools

Chris Danilo
Jul 25, 2015 · 7 min read

Okay here’s what’s going to happen

Here’s how to tackle this list:

Think of ONE thing that’s killing your time right now.

Remember that your productivity is not going to decrease because you didn’t exhaustively read this list.

“I’m spending too much time emailing.”

“I’m wasting time trying to schedule meetings with my team.”

24 Productivity Tools:

(Spoiler alert: some of them aren’t apps.)

1. Unroll.me Email reduction.


2. Evernote All your thoughts, quickly searchable, in one place.


3. ScannableScan documents with your iPhone


4. Google Drive All of your data, available at any time

Google Drive

5. Calm.com Meditation for newbs.


6. Sleep Time— An alarm clock

Sleep Time

7. Trunk Club Personal stylist, and wardrobe management.


7. IfTTT — Web triggers that automate boring tasks.


8. Zapier Automates like IfTTT, with some different software integrations.


9. Mint — The best, simplest free personal finance tool available.


10. Expensify — Take a photo of your business expense receipt

11. Siri —Apple’s personal assistant.


12. Sunrise — The most synchronized and beautiful calendar available.


13. HealthTap — Quick, free answers to health questions from real doctors.

HealthTap (Sorry for the horribly unnecesary greenish gradient in this photo.)

14. The Workshop School of Action — The shortest, no-nonsense route to success in business.

Workshop School of Action

15. Hipmunk Flight schedules you can actually understand.


16. Airfare Watchdog — Finding cheap flights so you don’t have to.

Airfare Watchdog

17. ResumeRuby — Fast, beautiful, resume templates.


18. Christian Baum’s Biz Resources

Christian’s Resources

19. LastPass — Synchronous password management for all platforms


20. ToDoist — An omnipresent to-do list


Some books that will change your brain:

21. The Lean Startup

22. Knock ‘em Dead: Secrets and Strategies

23. Gut Feelings

24. Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome

This isn’t an exhaustive list. But if you liked it, you might also like some of the books that have changed my life. You can find them on my page, here: http://chrisdanilo.com/vault

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Sharing our ideas and experiences.