30 ways to lose fat faster

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Most of us would like to be a little bit leaner, a little more toned. We want a flat belly, and we want to be healthy.

Fat loss is a gradual process, so ignore all the charlatans who say you can lose ten pounds in a week. It takes time, and it takes commitment.

But of course, some people slim down faster than others. Here are thirty ways to speed up the process.

  1. Drink more water every day. Have a glass every two hours. The average woman needs at least half a gallon a day; the average man need at least three quarters of a gallon.
  2. COUNT CALORIES. Count them for a whole month. Don’t estimate and don’t leave anything out; actually COUNT every single calorie you eat.
  3. Measure your body fat, not just your weight. You can gain or lose muscle at the same time that you’re burning fat, so don’t just go off of scale weight.
  4. Cycle calories. Eat a few hundred more on workout days, and a few hundred less on non-workout days.
  5. Lift weights for 30–45 minutes, 3–4 days a week. Work your entire body.
  6. End your workouts with five to ten minutes of high-intensity interval training. Alternate 20–40 seconds of sprinting with 10–20 seconds of walking.
  7. Eat more protein. Protein fuels muscle growth, and high-protein meals are more filling.
  8. Eat more vegetables. Again, they’re more filling, but they also give you vitamins and fiber that you’re probably not getting enough of.
  9. Stop drinking alcohol until you’ve reached your goal weight.
  10. Eat at least ten grams of fat with every meal. Your body needs fat to produce hormones like testosterone and estrogen, and to repair brain tissue. And again, this makes meals more filling.
  11. Cut out all added sugars.
  12. Cut back on starchy carbs such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and tortillas.
  13. On the other hand, add in high-fiber carb sources such as beans and lentils.
  14. Do bodyweight exercises throughout the day, in addition to your regular workouts. A few pushups and air squats every hour or two adds up to the equivalent of one extra workout per week, and it keeps your body burning fat and building muscle.
  15. Check the nutritional labels on all sauces and condiments- some of them have a shocking amount of calories.
  16. Go to sleep at the same time every night, and get 7–9 hours of sleep every night.
  17. Drink a glass of water right before every meal to take the edge off your hunger.
  18. Drink a glass of ice water first thing every morning. The coldness will stimulate your body to burn more fat as heat.
  19. To burn even more fat as heat, take cold showers for two minutes a day, focusing the cold water on your shoulders and upper back.
  20. To burn even more calories heating yourself, hold an ice pack on the back of your neck for twenty minutes a day.
  21. Spend more time on your feet throughout the day. Work while standing up if you can.
  22. Eat spicy foods; they cause your body to produce heat, temporarily speed your metabolism, and can suppress your appetite. For maximum synergy, eat some cayenne pepper right before your cold shower.
  23. Eat at least 30 grams of protein and very few carbs with your first meal of the day. This gives you more energy and less of an appetite throughout the day.
  24. Remove all high-calorie or otherwise unhealthy snack foods from your home. Make eating junk less convenient.
  25. Take vitamin D and GTF chromium with breakfast. The chromium reduces carb cravings while helping your body to process the carbs you eat. The vitamin D supports healthy testosterone and estrogen levels and supports muscle growth.
  26. Do five minutes of bodyweight exercise first thing in the morning when you get out of bed.
  27. Skip breakfast a few days a week. This is hard at first, but before long your body will adjust and your appetite will go down. However, continue to follow the 30 grams of protein rule with your first meal, whenever that is.
  28. Find a form of exercise you enjoy. Play sports, go walking, whatever works for you. If you have fun, you’ll do it more often.
  29. Add lemon juice, vinegar and cinnamon to your food when possible in order to slow digestion and help control your blood sugar.
  30. Eat more slowly. Spend at least twenty minutes on every meal.

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