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7 Things You Should Do Before 7am








In all seriousness, don’t let the Productivity Police convince you you’re wasting your life by not writing a novel and running a 10K before the sun comes up. If you’re a morning person and that’s your jam, awesome. I hate you a little bit, but awesome. If you’re not, it’s fine to start your day with 10 snoozes and a coffee face plant.

Bottom line: there’s no one way to organize your time effectively. And as far as I know there’s no consensus that “being productive” is the best way to measure a good life, or that productivity is always measurable (though no one seems to have alerted the list-makers). Decide what’s important to you first — what’s important to think about, and what’s important to do — and then tackle your time management. And if that means your thinking or doing work starts at noon or midnight, so be it. Listen to yourself. That’s the only life hack that’s ever worked for me.



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Ashley Simon

I’m from the Midwest, which means I think the food pyramid is a giant cheese wedge. Director of Product Marketing at Medium.