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9 Questions to Ask When Everything Goes Wrong

Photo by Nihat from Pexels

“Babe, what are you doing?”

“Kate, I can’t hang out now. There’s too much to be done.”

“Name a single thing which can’t wait for tomorrow.”

What can I learn from this?

“Here’s the key: Learn from every mistake, because every experience, particularly your mistakes, are there to teach you and force you into being more who you are.”

Who has it worse than me?

Can I fix this?

Is this becoming a habit?

Will I get another opportunity?

“Business opportunities are like busses. There is always another one coming.”

What does this make possible?

  • Seth Godin struggled along in business for years before he became king of the Internet.
  • Harry Potter lost his parents, godfather, and mentor, then defeated an evil wizard.
  • Jim Rohn lost millions of dollars more than once, and became a tremendous speaker and motivator.

Do I need to grieve?

How important is this, actually?

“Okay, thanks for the sweet talk Todd, but my mistake actually IS huge.”

  • Is this going to matter in 10 minutes?
  • Is this going to matter in 10 months?
  • Is this going to matter in 10 years?

How would (insert role model here) handle this?



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