A letter to self on longing

By Jessica Semaan

Dear Jessica,

Isn’t longing the father of anxiety?

Isn’t not getting what you want the fuel that keeps you up at night?

You see, you think you need longing to stay awake during this lifetime, but what if I told you you would be awake during not only this lifetime but also the next if you turned your back to longing?

Rumi said the cracks are the place where the light shines from. You think that being cracked is how you will create.

But my dear Jessica, there will be cracks. What is life if not alternating cracks? just not these kind of cracks.

Not these fabricated cracks. Your longing is your imagination telling you life is not as exciting.

Life is only exciting when you are fully and unconditionally riding it.

Forget the longing, and start living.

The beauty of the birds chirping may crack your heart deeper, than that text message you have been longing for.

With content,

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