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A List of 100 Things That Work Really Well

Duncan Riach
Jan 14, 2018 · 3 min read

I wrote this list down, and I wanted to share it with you. I could write a whole article, at least, about each of these items, but I wanted to give you this list and see what you think of it. Here are 100 things that I know from experience work really well.

  1. Persistence
  2. Holding a vision for what you want and trusting that it’s coming
  3. Following inspiration
  4. Challenging limiting beliefs
  5. Treating people with kindness and respect as much as possible
  6. Being open to feedback
  7. Being willing to change or pivot
  8. Being patient with things breaking or not working out as planned
  9. Being gentle on and with the self
  10. Noticing and appreciating as much goodness as possible in others
  11. Getting regular and sufficient sleep
  12. Being honest and transparent
  13. Enjoying and engaging with challenges
  14. Catching victim thinking and taking back your power
  15. Taking action to address or solve the larger problems
  16. Slowing down
  17. Re-evaluating priorities regularly
  18. Valuing people and relationships above all else
  19. Enjoying people and expressing that enjoyment
  20. Not dimming your light to make others feel okay about dimming theirs
  21. Continual learning
  22. Taking notes
  23. Writing or speaking your stream of consciousness, unfiltered, and then throwing it away
  24. Trusting that everything that needs to get done will get done
  25. Planning fun and enjoyable things
  26. Inventing new things
  27. Questioning the automatic response of “you can’t” or “it’s not possible”
  28. Assuming that you have deep intrinsic value
  29. Taking lots of breaks
  30. Smiling and saying “hello” as much as possible
  31. Trusting and empowering other people
  32. Not giving a fuck about what other people think of you
  33. Being deeply and adaptively selfish (instead of superficially and secretly selfish)
  34. Expressing positive emotions a lot
  35. Incubating and transforming negative emotions to effect change
  36. Savoring each moment as much as possible
  37. Making intentional mistakes
  38. Experimenting to discover what’s realy true
  39. Meditation, a kind that gets you more present to body sensations
  40. Being deeply honest
  41. Assuming that everyone is doing the best that they can
  42. Wanting to inspire people by example
  43. Intense exercise (e.g. high-intensity interval training)
  44. Resistance training (e.g. lifting heavy weights, correctly)
  45. Persisting through adversity
  46. Not assuming that you should not do something because someone else already has
  47. Continual improvement
  48. Measuring things that you would like to improve
  49. Eating minimal carbs
  50. Drinking lots of water
  51. Giving yourself a break
  52. Not eating dairy
  53. Psychotherapy
  54. Coaching
  55. Taking full responsibility for your emotional reactions
  56. Taking zero responsibility for other people’s emotional reactions
  57. Not taking other people’s actions personally
  58. Recognizing that parents are humans too
  59. Realizing that we’re all shitty parents
  60. Not doing things that you’ll later regret
  61. Not fighting with reality
  62. Spending a lot of time doing nothing
  63. Maximizing the time between stimulus and response
  64. Sitting in hot water
  65. Sitting in cold water
  66. Alternating between sitting in very cold water and very hot water
  67. Surfing
  68. Looking into the eyes of other humans
  69. Stopping reading a book when it’s boring
  70. Continuing to read a book when it’s interesting
  71. Not judging other people
  72. Not judging yourself
  73. Minimizing spending and maximizing income
  74. Investing for the long term
  75. Not following the crowd
  76. Taking action on intuition
  77. Learning to write well
  78. Clarifying thoughts through slowing down to write and refine them
  79. Assuming that everything happens to further your goals
  80. Assuming that nobody else can steal your ideas
  81. Not getting into legal battles
  82. Not responding to shaming and attacks
  83. Ignoring critical and negative people
  84. Walking your talk
  85. Keeping debt to a minimum, and eliminating it
  86. Assuming you don’t know
  87. Assuming others have something to teach you
  88. Revealing when you don’t know something
  89. Learning other languages
  90. The Enneagram personality typing and growth / integration system
  91. Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka tapping
  92. Antibiotics
  93. Probiotics
  94. Patience
  95. Appreciation
  96. Gratitude
  97. Goal setting
  98. A spoonk mat to help you go to sleep
  99. Much of modern medicine
  100. Making long lists of things that you’re grateful for

What do you think?

Let me know if there’s anything here that you would like to learn more about. I am happy to share.

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Personal Growth

Sharing our ideas and experiences.

Duncan Riach

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An engineer-psychologist focused on machine intelligence. I write from my own experience to support others in living more fulfilling lives |

Personal Growth

Sharing our ideas and experiences.

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