Back to Basics: Call to Be Childlike

I watched as my cousin wiped his hands on his crisp clean white t-shirt. I leaned back into my chair and looked down at my crisp clean white button down then at my hands dripping with shrimp juice. My shirt was going to stay white for now. My kid self would’ve hurled.

Funny thing life is.

When you were a kid all you wanted to do was to grow up. The world was your sandbox and the only thing stopping you from building the sandcastle you wanted was grownups and a small bone structure.

Our imagination was unlimited.

Bunk-beds became castles and the stickers on them became magical talismans needed to ward away the evil witch. Playground structures became mountains and the floor, lava. Clear plastic bags became space helmets and if you took it off you could die.

Yeah, our imagination ran away from ourselves from time to time, but that was the beauty of it. We did a lot of dumb shit and never looked back.

Passion was all we knew. Raw unfiltered love that exploded out of every inch of our limbs.

It was passion for the sake of passion. We lived life like we loved life because that was all we knew.

What happened?

I used to never care about how other people saw me. I would’ve wiped my hands on my shirt just like my little cousin did because all that mattered was enjoying the right now. It didn’t matter if my shirt ended up looking like a modern art display, I had fun painting it.

You have people googling “how to be confident,” “how to talk to girls,” but all that is intuitive. As a child, you never gave any of those things a second thought, you just did them.

Somewhere along the way, life got way more complicated than it needed to be.

It’s like the nature you were born with, the nature that made you so carefree and imaginative has been institutionalized out of you.

Childlike Not Childish

You’ve outgrown the childish, but imagine if you were to went back to basics and embraced the childlike.

Imagine asking ‘why this’ ‘why that’ and now having the means to satisfy the questions that propel you.

Imagine wanting what you want so bad you won’t take no for an answer and now having ideals greater than buying toys at the toy store.

Imagine being able to dream without restraint and now having the discipline to make your visions grow beyond LEGO blocks and scribbles on a piece of paper.

Imagine what you could accomplish.

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