Be Informed. Knowledge Is Power.

Philomon Sylvester
Nov 4, 2017 · 4 min read
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What is meant by knowledge? An acquaintance with truths. The perception and practice of which will duly qualify us for our present and future state of existence.

Knowledge is one of the most valuable of all attainments. Happiness and usefulness depend upon it. Knowledge is the apprehension of facts and application of them to life.

Light is the first necessity of life in this body. Without it, we cannot go about our business and will lose health. So is knowledge.

Acquire, accumulate and retain knowledge.

Many get knowledge and let it go as fast as they get it. They put their winnings into a bag with holes. Wisdom is to treasure up experience and hold it ready for use in the time and place of need. Everything may be turned to account. Even losses may be converted into gains. Whatever knowledge may be at any time useful to us we must lay it up. We must continue laying up as long as we live. Be sure to lay it up safely, that it may not be to seek when we want it. Let nothing trickle out and flow away useless. None of the wisdom comes for nothing.

Knowledge is the food for the mind.

Chrysippus was so studious that he would not take time to eat his food. He would have perished with hunger if his maid Melissa had not put food into his mouth. The wise person finds no such sweetness in the most delicate and dainty dishes, as in the search after knowledge. Wisdom is to the mind what honey is to the mouth.

Knowledge is a treasure house.

Knowledge must be more readily received than silver or gold. It can do that which gold and silver can never do. It is the best riches. We get more by laboring for knowledge than for money.
Dionysius said that Aristippus was always craving money from him, but Plato desired nothing but books. Knowledge fills the chambers with all precious and pleasant riches that are of worth, value, and utility.

Knowledge is a crown.

The prudent crown themselves with knowledge. They embrace and accumulate knowledge as a precious possession. They earnestly pursue it, and heartily embrace it. They look upon it as their brightest ornament. There is nothing they are so ambitious of. They bind it to their heads as a crown, which they will by no means part with. They press towards the top and perfection of knowledge, which will crown their beginnings and progress. They shall have the praise of it. Wise heads shall be respected as if they were crowned heads. Ignorance degrades us in society below the rank of those who would otherwise be deemed our equals and usually leads to idleness, dissipation, and vice.

Knowledge is safety.

Ignorance exposes us to danger. Ignorance is the predecessor of destruction.
If we desire to avoid harm to body, mind, and soul we must set ourselves to acquire knowledge. This is true in relation to any and every kind of evil to which we are exposed.
If we seek knowledge we shall certainly get knowledge. If the ear seeks it, the heart gets it. Keeps it. Is enriched by it. We must get knowledge, not only into our heads but into our hearts. Get the savor and relish of it. Apply what we know to ourselves and experience the power and influence of it.

Knowledge is profitable.

Knowledge expands the mind. Exalts the faculties. Refines the taste of pleasure. Opens numerous sources of intellectual enjoyment. The moral good of the acquisition of knowledge is chiefly this, that by multiplying the mental resources it has a tendency to exalt the character.
To the improvement of the mind, all humanity owes for the comforts and conveniences of life they enjoy. They that are wise are profitable unto themselves.
We shall be abundantly recompensed for all our pains in the pursuit of it, by the pleasure and profit it yields us now and hereafter. It is not good to be ignorant because such a state is unhappy and unprofitable.

Knowledge is power.

There is nothing so highly prized as knowledge. No pains are deemed too great for the acquirement of it. No expense too large. It is that which, more than anything else raises humans in public estimation, and gives them influence in the world. This is plainly seen in the war itself, wherein success often owes more to conduct than force. If physical strength is defective, knowledge fills up for it. Strength, skill, and dexterity will be enhanced by it.

Knowledge is light.

The accession of every true idea is a planting of a new star in the mental heavens. The more knowledge, the brighter will sparkle the sky of our being. It scatters the clouds of ignorance and error and raises the soul to light and freedom.

Everyone has two educations — that which is given to them, and that which they give themselves. Of the two kinds, the latter is by far the most valuable. We must work out and conquer for ourselves. It is this that constitutes our real and best nourishment. What we are merely taught seldom nourishes the mind like that which we teach ourselves.

The wise are not satisfied with their wisdom. They still seek the increase of it. The more they have the more they would have. With the wise and prudent there is no loss of time. Eye, Ear, and Mind ever working within or gathering from without through this channel or that, ever gaining knowledge.

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