Choose Wisely

You choose your priorities every day.

Every hour.

Every second.

You have 20 minutes. Are you going to randomly straighten up some room, delete some email, or finish those specs on your new product?

You have 15 minutes. Are you going to look for someone to chat with, mindlessly browse Twitter, or make 1–5 more sales calls?

You have 10 minutes. Are you going to watch the clock, text your friends, or knock out some of those dishes that have been piling up?

You have 3 minutes. Are you going to “tidy up,” or make a list of as many ideas as possible?

The Internet has gone habit crazy. It’s like if you don’t have your day planned from 5 A.M. (green smoothie) to 11 P.M (#hustle #entrepreneur #winning) you don’t have a prayer.

But life is made in the in-between. It’s the lunch date that cancelled. It’s the night you couldn’t sleep. It’s the time in-between projects.

How you choose to spend that time is going to make all the difference.

Today, you have 24 hours.

What are you going to do with it?

I’d love if you spend some of it sharing this with someone you know!

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