Finding Space For An Extraordinary Existence

Most of us are on repeat. Everyday we live our lives the exact same way eating the same food, going to the same places, seeing the same people who we do the same things with. Then we expect our lives to be exciting, adventurous, and something unforgettable.

Well it’s not a secret that that’s not how this works. We hear the phrases step out of your comfort zone, break patterns, live life to the fullest, live everyday like its your last. It’s all cliché, it’s all somewhat impractical, and for the most part it seems like the unachievable carrot being held right in front of our noses.

I can’t say I live the story book version of an “extraordinary life”. I’d be lying through my teeth if I said that I wake up everyday and do something new and exciting, or that I don’t spend mornings worrying about the future or trying to fix the past.

My goal isn’t to live this fantasy of an “extraordinary life”, but simply to fit an extraordinary existence in the gray areas of the human condition. At this point my progress towards this goal comes in the form of a handful of unforgettable experiences and an expanding list of bullet points, from which I will share a small portion with you:

Extraordinary Isn’t a place.

Until recently I didn’t understand this. I spent the majority of my time seeking out amazing moments and going to places that were miles away to try and find something remarkable. Extraordinary can be walking around drinking cheap wine and talking about absolutely nothing for hours on end.

You’re not going to find it looking in multiple directions.

Don’t split your time or your attention between multiple things. If you are doing something be present in that situation. If you can’t be then the situation is obviously not worth your time. Wether it be turning your phone off while talking to someone or not worrying about tomorrow’s class while you are sitting in today’s lecture. Nothing extraordinary is going to happen to you if you aren’t actually there to experience it.

Say yes to anything that sounds too crazy for your liking.

If your first thought is “that sounds like it could be something fun” then do it. We back out of new situation because they aren’t familiar, but you are never going to find something amazing doing the same things over and over.

If you are doing it to impress others than it wont work.

I was very guilty of this. A lot of people want to appear like they are living these crazy adventurous lives. If your goal is to show everyone else how amazing your life is then you’ll always be to busy making sure they think so and you are sure to miss the moments that will actually change your life.

Don’t be afraid to talk to anyone.

Human interaction is at the core of an extraordinary life and you’ll only be able to know if someone is worth bringing along for the adventure if you go up and talk to them. Everyone has something to offer you and you have something to offer everyone else, so make sure to leave people better than you found them. That can be an extraordinary experience in and of itself.

You’ll know when it happens.

There are moments in life that seem to freeze you. A dead stop where you look around and realize that this is how life’s supposed to feel. Don’t over analyze, don’t think, don’t grasp at it. Just live in those moments. They aren’t meant to be captured they are meant to be experienced.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you can all fit an extraordinary existence inside the gray areas. Check out my Website and follow me on Instagram: