Forget Goals, Be Present

We tend to think of life in terms of accomplishments, rather than experiences. But life is meant to be live with the “goal” of being present in the moment.

This is how to live a meaningful life. Not by having goals and doing things merely to reach those goals, but to live in awareness.

For the most part, society is distracted from this principle. Society tries to derive meaning through status, material wealth, and arbitrary goals.

Take the pressure off. Forget about your goals and plans and just be in the moment. Let each moment guide you.

This isn’t about being undisciplined. That’s a different type of letting go. This is about not trying to control everything. It’s about allowing inner wisdom to guide you.

Goals and plans are often disrupted by reality anyway. Having a general direction makes sense, but details written in stone don’t.

Originally published on my personal blog

Personal Growth

Sharing our ideas and experiences.

    Dan Pedersen

    Written by

    Writing mostly to myself. Sharing some of it with you. Hope it helps.

    Personal Growth

    Sharing our ideas and experiences.

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