Here is One Thing You DO Control

First, the bad news:

You have zero control over most things in life.

You don’t get to pick how wealthy your parents are. You don’t get to pick where you are born. You don’t get to pick your height or looks or how your weight.

“If only I had __” you say. “Then I would be successful.

If only you had parents who fostered your art.

If only you knew some wealthy people who would buy your painting.

If only you got accepted by a publisher.

I know you say those things because I said those things. I looked for other people (or books) to validate me.

There’s a problem with that.

Nothing you obtain changes who you are.

There is an artist named Taylor Swift. You may have heard of her. She had a rich daddy. Did that help her career? You bet. The benefit of wealth granted Taylor a very high chance for a good life.


For every 1 Taylor Swift, there are 999 Jane Swifts — spoiled rich girls who were granted every opportunity in the world to pursue an artistic talent, but didn’t.

When Taylor was learning to play guitar, they were at the mall.

When Taylor floundered and failed in front of crowds, they safely sat in the seats of their English II class, free of any criticism.

And when Taylor blew up, they all said “I could have done that.

At the end of your life, I don’t want you to think about what you could have done.

I want you to think about what you did.

You don’t control where you start.

You control where you finish.

— TB

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