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Letter sent on Oct 10

How To Be Unsuccessful

Here are a few ideas that come to mind:

Be Impulsive: Allow emotions to control your thinking and behavior. Don’t think things through or look at things from different angles.

Have a Negative Attitude: Blame other people for your problems. Especially problems you created. And feel sorry for yourself.

Be Over-Confident: Believe that you know things you don’t actually know and be sure about it. Jump to conclusions. Believe you’re better at things than you really are.

Be Unreliable: Always be thinking about yourself. Don’t show up. Do a poor job.

Stop Learning: Don’t read. Don’t continuously educate yourself.

Don’t Choose Your Friends Wisely: Hang around negative, under-educated people and take their advice to heart.

Always Try To Fit In: Make decisions based primarily on what other people will think about you.

These traits should ensure that you’ll make foolish decisions that will cost you a lot of money, relationship problems, and trouble with the law.

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