How to Blow Away
the Past

I’ve learned the secret to dumping all that baggage that we drag around every day and blasting it to oblivion. I learned how to literally blow away the sins, failures and regrets of the past.

The good news is it’s easy to do, but it may also be very difficult for you. Some people are quite emotionally attached to their baggage. We’ve carried with us for it for so long, how dare we imagine our lives without it? At the same time, we dread the thought of carrying it our whole lives.

We’re trapped by our past. It has to go away, but now? Remember that if nothing changes, then nothing changes. I was finally ready to change. I needed to. Perhaps you do too.

The technique is a simple and powerful meditation that anyone can do. I just learned it in a beginning meditation class held by the wonderful people of Above and Beyond Cancer. (Yes, it’s meditation. Try it anyway.)
To begin, sit comfortably, but upright, in a quiet place. Rest your hands in your lap or on your thighs. Imagine a line vertically through the center of your body. The area over your left shoulder symbolizes your ties to the past, and the area over your right shoulder symbolizes letting go of the uncertainty of the future.

Paying attention to your breath, breathe in and out slowly a few times. Concentrate on deep restoring breaths. Don’t rush. Then, inhale and turn your head comfortably to the left, purse your lips, and gently blow over your left shoulder, as if blowing out a candle, mentally letting go of the past. Bring your head back to center and inhale, be present in the moment. Turn to the left again, and repeat, three or four times. Continue to focus on your breathing, try not to let other thoughts intrude. If they do, forgive yourself, and continue. Gently blow the past away like dandelion fluff on your shoulder.

Now, come back to the center, inhale and then turn your head to the right. Gently blow over your right shoulder and imagine that you’re letting go of the future. Repeat three or four times. Blow away the fears and worries.

Then come back to the center once again, the present, this one moment. Think of the thing that you are most grateful for right now. Breathe in, relaxed, smile and say to yourself, “I am thankful for this moment.”

You’ve done the impossible! You’ve blown away the baggage of the past. Remember that this is very determined baggage, and you may need to shoo it away again. But now you know how to, and those regrets have lost their power over you. Congratulations.

Know that the past is regret and nostalgia.
Forgive the past and yourself for everything that came before.
The teachings of the failures and successes in the past are its only small gift to the present.
The future is fear and fantasy.
We cannot see it’s lessons, so don’t worry about them.
Live this one day with happiness — a calm and joyful presence.
-D.J. Cue 8/7/2015

Note: In researching this essay, I found this technique was adapted from a practice called Resurrection Breath, taught by Goswami Kriyananda of Chicago’s Temple of Kriya Yoga. My respect and thanks to the guru for his teachings.

Gentle readers, thank-you for reading my work. I hope you find it thought provoking or helpful. If in some way, you’ve enjoyed this essay, please do me the kind favor of tapping the little Recommend heart below. Namaste.