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How to Defeat the Tyranny of Time Poverty

“We tediously create calendars filled with empty duties, and then we foolishly let those calendars empty us.” — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Better pathways to restoration

Three tools to make better use of your leisure time

  1. Minimalism- I often write about this because it works. Less truly is more. Simplify your wardrobe, declutter your home, and you’ll find you declutter your mind. Less clothing and stuff means less laundry, cleaning and debris. More time for leisure.
  2. Learn to say no- I wish I learned this one a long time ago. I used to hate to disappoint people, so I said yes. Yes to working late. Yes to joining committees. Yes to parties I didn’t want to attend. The problem is that there will always be people ready to spend your time for you. Learn to say no, and buy yourself more leisure time.
  3. Exercise- This one is kind of counter-intuitive, because when we’re tired we don’t want to exercise. Yet, exercise is weirdly invigorating and reenergizes you.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

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