How To Improve Your Mood

Life is too short to be in a bad mood for too long

Darius Foroux
Jan 27, 2020 · 4 min read
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Are you currently in a good mood or a bad mood? Now, let me ask you another question: How is your day? I bet that you’re having a bad day if you’re in a bad mood, and a good day if you’re in a good mood.

That’s obvious, right? But here’s the thing; since it has such a big impact on the quality of our lives, why aren’t we managing our mood better?

Because let’s face it, we shouldn’t let a bad mood ruin our day. No matter how you live your life, at some point, you have to deal with annoying people or events that piss you off — things that ruin your mood. We can’t avoid it.

To improve your mood, you want to do two things. First, you want to snap out of a negative mood when you have one. Second, you want generate a good mood when you don’t have one.

1. How To Snap Out Of A Negative Mood

Have you ever tried logging how often you’re in a bad mood? I did. I’ll tell you this. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably more often in a bad mood than you think.

  • Had a bad night of sleep?
  • Bad weather?
  • Stuck in traffic?
  • Dealing with an bully at work?
  • Disrespected by a clerk?

Things will never go your way all the time. Even the most wealthy, healthy, and happy people deal with the perils of humanity. Like almost every process that’s focused on improving something bad, to manage a negative mood, we must become aware of our problem first.

And no, it’s not a problem that bad things happen. I’m not saying that we should avoid things that destroy our mood. That’s what weak people do.

It’s not the event that’s harmful, it’s our negative reaction that’s the problem. Negative emotions can be very useful. We have them for a reason. However, we must recognize that staying in a negative state of mind is a problem.

So for the next two weeks, just like keeping an activity log, record your mood. Try to find out exactly what triggers your negative mood.

That’s how we can snap out of bad mood—by being aware that we’re in one. Again, we’re not trying to avoid getting in a bad mood. We’re trying to raise our awareness.

2. How To Generate A Good Mood

Once you have better self-awareness and you know what triggers a negative emotional state, it’s time to focus on the next step.

The next step is….Do nothing. Do yourself a favor and don’t follow your first instinct. It’s almost always bad. Sometimes I get nasty emails, comments, or tweets from people who don’t mean well.

My first response was to shrug it off. But sometimes, I like to bite back. I understand that it’s always better to “turn the other cheek.” But sometimes people are so annoying that if I don’t respond, I get in a bad mood because I feel like I didn’t stand up for myself. Especially when it comes to my values.

You see, our first reaction is always an emotional one. In this case, my first response was to ignore it. I can personally respond to a negative event and move on. That’s how I’m built. So this is a hugely personal matter.

I’m not saying you should react to everything. All we need to do is take a few seconds and look at the stakes. Is your integrity or relationship at stake? Then, action is necessary. Let’s say you start getting annoyed by your girlfriend or boyfriend. You can think:

“So if I get angry, she’ll get disappointed. Then, I will get even angrier since she can’t talk to me when I’m angry. So it’s best if I don’t allow my emotions to escalate.”

If you value your relationship, it’s better to not lash out — even if that makes you feel better at the moment.

Managing our mood is hard. And we don’t get this right on the first try. But if you give it time and keep practicing, you’ll be much more in control of what influences your mood. But let’s say something happens that triggers a bad mood. What now?

Try this: Close your eyes and visualize good things.

Get the serotonin flowing. See the bigger picture. Set a goal for yourself to never be stuck in a bad mood for more than 10 minutes.

Soak in your own sorrow. Respond. Feel bad for yourself.

Then, Move On

Look, I can’t sit here and tell you I never get in a bad mood. Life’s unpredictable, and circumstances often spiral us in a negative mindset.

But what separates the positive people from the negative people is that positive folks refuse to stay in a bad mood. Sometimes I’m in a bad mood for a whole day. But I will never accept that.

Life is too short to drown in your own misery. Get over yourself and enjoy this one life you have. And while you’re at it, try to be in a good mood as much as you can.

Personal Growth

Sharing our ideas and experiences.

Darius Foroux

Written by

Author of 7 books, including Think Straight | New articles every week | Free online course:

Personal Growth

Sharing our ideas and experiences.

Darius Foroux

Written by

Author of 7 books, including Think Straight | New articles every week | Free online course:

Personal Growth

Sharing our ideas and experiences.

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