How To Increase Your Money Flow

You’re missing the key to building your long term wealth

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When we think about creating our wealth, we usually assume money flows one way. In.

But this would not be true according to our own economic laws.

If we manage our finances so that money flows inward and never outward, we practice ingratitude. Our flow is blocked. We reflect fear and insecurity.

Our thoughts look something like this.

“If I give or spend my money, I may not get enough back.”

“People will never respect me if I don’t have money.”

“I can buy things that make me look more successful and therefore more loved.”

Money of course can never love you. Money is simply energy in a different form. It can only help you and the people you care about do one thing, which is make a greater impact in the world.

So the goal in creating your wealth is to recognize the purpose of your money and manage toward it, not keep it for the sake of keeping it.

Saving for rainy days is essential for your long term financial health. But saving for more than you would ever need does the opposite. It makes you sick.

Here’s how to understand the nature of wealth creation (yes, natural laws rule money just like everything else), and a practice you can adopt to increase your flow.

The Velocity of Money

When economists measure the amount of money sitting in an economy, they often refer to something called “M2”. M2 is simply what you would get if you counted up the total dollars we’ve got everywhere, including our checking and savings accounts, investment accounts, and deposits. It’s our supply of money.

If wealth could be measured by counting up all of our money, you would hear economists talk about M2, our money supply, but you don’t.

Instead, you hear “GDP” and the “velocity of money” thrown around more often. Both GDP and the velocity of money measure the movement or flow of our money.

GDP measures activity.

Velocity of money measures the speed of that activity.

When activity and velocity are high and money is changing hands freely and often, our economic circulation is strong. We serve others and they financially show gratitude. We maintain a benevolent cycle.

When we hoard money, we block our internal flow and reflect it externally as negative energy. What you keep as money becomes arrogance. You drive away people who could help you in infinite ways.

Your Daily Practice

If you fear that you may not have or make enough money, do this.

Make a loose money jar. Any unused transparent jar will do. Unleash your creative powers and decorate it. Label it your “Gratitude Bucket.”

Inscribe the words from William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

“I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks; and ever thanks.”

The details, of course, are optional. You should do whatever works best for you in generating the energy of knowing that you have everything you need.

Every evening, deposit your loose coins from your pockets or from around the home into the bucket.

Then go here to find a kiosk that accepts your money for organizations who direct it to people in need, and give the money away once a month.

The point is that as you make more money and your financial inflow increases, so must your outflow.

Your outflow need not consist of only charity. In fact, investing is a different but crucial form of increasing flow, as is intentional spending toward companies and goods and services you feel aligned with.

The point is to be the person you want to be today, to do what will bring you joy, and finally, inevitably, to have what you need to reach your goals — the classic religious paradigm, Be, Do, Have.

When your gratitude is authentic, you attract the infinite possibilities that are available to you. Your wealth is created and properly circulated.

You stop surviving, and you start living.

This requires a shift in your thought patterns. The shift must happen first within you.

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