How to Spend Your Time Today

They demolished the whole place.

About 500 feet down Main Street in my town sits the flat concrete expanse where a teeming bustle of retail once lived. Once, people poured through the front door each weekend searching for a deal, money burning in their pockets.

Now, those memories are ghosts; the building reduced to rubble.

Except to those who remember it was even there, that space is completely meaningless. That which once coursed with activity is extinct.

Just like I will be. Just like you will be.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. All I know is I can choose better today.

Better plans.
Better reactions.
Better perspective
Improved adjectives.
Better decisions.
Better vision.
Better Todd.

The guarantee of oblivion once depressed me. Now, it is empowering. Life becomes incredibly simple.

Sure, attempt to build a legacy. Maybe you will live long enough for it to matter. But also — be kind today. Show love today. Speak truth today.

Didn’t move closer to a career goal? Those opportunities typically re-emerge. Far more rare are the chances to give hope to a person you may never see again. They may only be in your life for a season.

Or a day.

A note from last week’s journal page.

Much love,


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