How To Stick To Your Habits While Travelling

Maintaining habits even without changing your circumstances can be challenging.

No wonder when meeting the unknown, where a lot of things are not in our control, we have more difficulties to do the things that matter to us and bring us closer to our goals.

These difficulties can vary:
- not having access to food you need for your diet
- not having access to the equipment you need for working out
- not enough time 
- jet lag
- other

And the list can go on.

We usually get stressed because we cannot keep up with things that have become part of our routine and in some cases part of who we are.

The main problem is that longer you go without a certain , the longer it will take you to get back to it once you are in your regular routine.

But worry not, there are a couple of things you can do, which will make your travels (or any changing circumstance) much more enjoyable and efficient.

So, here’s your plan on how to stick to your habits while you are travelling.

1. Prepare Your Mindset

From the first moment, you know that you will be traveling (or changing the environment), set the right expectations.

In case you know your schedule in advance, you can plan out when you will do your habits.

But, if you don’t know, take it easy and don’t get frustrated when you are not able to something in time (and the quantity/quality) you would usually do it.

In these moments, just ditch your typical timeline, and do the habit whenever you can.

2. Create Your “Habit Travel Pack”

This means that you want to adapt and compress your habits.

If you usually workout in a gym, for 2 hours. And in your travels, you don’t have proper access to the equipment you usually use.

Instead, you can create a routine where you can perform the majority of exercises only with your body weight.

It’s not perfect, but it will do.

You should do this for every other habit. So have them ready whenever you need to travel and use the available resources in the best way possible.

3. Prioritize Your Habits

Not all habits are made equal.

If you usually have 4–6 habits you do, try to see which ones have priority.

Sometimes your travel days will allow you to do 2 of them, sometimes 5. 
But it’s important that you know which ones have the biggest impact on your life and that you don’t get frustrated when you cannot commit to all of them.

And remember one important thing:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle

Ideally, you would want to stick to your every habit and do it as efficiently as possible, but in changing environment and circumstances that might not always be possible.

In these moments its easy to give up. That’s why to try to approach this with ultimate simplicity.

Let me give you an example.

When I was trying to establish a habit of reading before the bed, I was traveling a lot and working hard, that I was exausted for weeks each time I would take a book in my hand.

And to maintain my habit, I would read just 1 page before falling asleep.

This lasted for about 3–4 weeks. One page a day, until my schedule normalized a bit, and I finally managed to return to my usual ritual.

No matter the circumstances, you can find a way to get at least one step closer towards your habit, because consistency is the key.

Even if that meant doing just one push up.

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