If You Want To Be Present You Must Do This

It’s not always easy, but it works

Deb Knobelman, PhD
Personal Growth


I spent about two hours the other day convinced my entire family was about to die.

You see, in recent years I have developed an unfortunate driving phobia.

The summer between college and graduate school, a friend and I drove across country for a few months. We cruised along dusty highways and through red rock canyons. Back in the days when all we had was a paper map. There were a lot of wrong turns and missed exits. And I had the time of my life.

Now, I can only drive on local roads and on very specific stretches of highways without inducing a panic attack.

So if our family wants to go to the mountains near our home in Colorado, my husband has to drive. The other day, we all piled into the car and off we drove for some winter fun.

The drive is gorgeous, snowy peaks in the distance and sheer drops on the side of the highway.

And I spend much of the drive trying not to panic.

I look down those sheer drops and think for sure we could fall to our death. We go over high mountain passes and I think about sliding off the road in the snow and ice and how many other cars we might hit on the way down.