Is it Fair That You Aren’t a Billionaire?

The problem with playing the blame game is that eventually you reach the end of the line.

Let’s say you weren’t very well taken care of as a child. That may be true. It’s your mother’s fault, right? That’s fine, though.

She can play that game too.

Her father was abusive. Sucks, right? I guess all your problems are really his fault. Thwarted by the old granddad! Bummer.

But after some research, we find out that your mother’s father’s parents were both alcoholics! And they came from poor farmers who didn’t have a chance but to bootleg during prohibition.

You never had a chance to succeed, did you? All because of your irresponsible great-great-great-grandparents born on the farm.

I mean, you may as well give up now.

Let’s address the elephant in the room — yes, there are some privileged, rich people who had everything handed to them. They were descendants of a Rockefeller or a Vanderbilt or a Ted Turner. They were born into wealth and you can’t change that.

It’s not fair. It really isn’t.

You may never be a billionaire.

You’re not in the one percent.

Sorry about that.

Here’s the thing — the cycle has to break at some point. When your 18th birthday comes around (or earlier), it’s time for you to accept your own destiny. My parents were teachers. I already make more money than they do. That’s not a brag. That’s proof:

Your parents’ path does not determine yours.

Your upbringing does not set an outer limit on your capability. Families don’t have a salary cap. You can bring home as much as you want to. You can kill something and drag it back to the cave, regardless if you had a mom or dad who showed you where to look.

Ruthless effort levels the playing field.

If you had perfect parents, what would you do?

I know, I know, you didn’t. They weren’t very supportive of you or whatever, but let’s imagine, just for a moment, that you grew up in a loving, happy home.

What would you do?

Do that.

Because at the end of the day, your parents do not determine your income. They do not determine you position in the world, and they certainly do not determine whether or not you take initiative on your one short life.

Your family determines where you start.

But you decide where you finish.

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