Lazy vs. resting

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When we are resting, our mind is observant. In fact, we tend to be more observant than when we’re working toward a goal.

When we are procrastinating, our mind is distracted. We’re busy trying to avoid our own scary thoughts and feelings. Our mind cannot observe, because seeing something clearly is precisely what we’re trying hard not to do.

When we are resting, we feel secure. We trust that we will rise to the right task at the right time.

When we are lazy, we are insecure. We fear that we won’t be up to the task, therefore we avoid it altogether.

When we are resting, we are in the moment. We recognize that the success of our lives is not dictated by any destination, but rather our onward trek up a spiral where we revisit points of difficulty and triumph, always from a different level and vantage point. We rest when we know it’s about the journey.

When we are lazy, we would rather be anywhere but in the present moment. The pressure to win the race of life exhausts us. We feel the resistance, and we give up.

When we are resting, time feels sufficiently long.

When we are lazy, time feels too short. There is always regret.

When you are relaxed, your energy is grounded. People you admire who have also found the kind of inner success you feel in this moment gravitate toward you.

When you are lazy, though accomplishing little, your energy is frenetic. You attract lower-energy beings.

When you are resting, you feel peace. You notice more.

When you are being lazy, you feel angst. You notice less.

There’s a big difference between resting and being lazy. You see clearly from a place of rest.

One requires you to let go of your agenda so that you can tap into the bigger, wiser world that’s happening around you.

The other holds your desires as the only ones that count. You hold your agenda so close, you become a deer in headlights.

Let yourself rest more. You will renew. This means letting go of the goal of perfection at every turn.

Only from a place of peace can one reach peace. If your mode is constantly searching for something else, you’ll miss it, the meaning of your life.

The next time you feel the urge to procrastinate, observe the feeling itself. You’re procrastinating. We all do it.

Figure out why you’re doing it at this moment, listen to your inner voice, and then tell yourself what you would tell any friend who were going through the same experience: it’s okay, just try anyway. You’re doing great.

But if you need a break, it’s okay too. Take one.

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