Making The Leading Even Better

The Leading is doing great, so I wanted to talk about a few things I am doing to make the publication even better:

Dear Daisy

Dear Daisy is a Sunday advice column that we are starting soon. Similar to Dear Abby from the newspapers, Dear Daisy (whose identity will remain a secret) will be answering questions about life from people who write in to us. Some examples include relationship advice, parenting advice, work advice, or really any experience in which you may need someone else’s opinion. There is no need to send a letter in, just fill out this form. We don’t ask for your name or identity, we just want to hear about what your experiencing and Daisy will try to help. We’ll publish the most useful advice every Sunday on The Leading.

The Weekly Boost

The Weekly Boost is a new project that Thomas Despin and I are starting. It revolves around finding the best motivational articles on the internet. We want to get you ready for the week, these articles will help. It will also be a great way to work with other publications on Medium. Send Thomas an email if you have an article that could work for The Weekly Boost. Check back to The Leading every Monday for these articles.

You can read about The Weekly Boost and how to contact Thomas here.

Writing Prompts

I am also working on ways to get The Leading community more involved. One idea that I have is biweekly writing prompts. Every 2 weeks, I’ll announce a writing prompt such as “What is one thing you wish you knew earlier?” or “What is an experience that changed your perspective on life?”. Most of these articles will revolve around helping the community by sharing a story/experience. I’ll publish the best stories on the Community tab on The Leading. More details to come very soon, so please be sure to subscribe.

That’s pretty much it for now. Be sure to subscribe to The Leading! As always, I am publishing articles on The Leading from great writers every day.

You can find us here: The Leading site, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you ever want to get in touch with me to write for The Leading, make The Leading better, or talk for any reason, just send me an email. I would appreciate a follow on Medium as well!!

Thank you for your support!

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